Katy B moving away from dubstep on next album

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It’d be fair to say that Katy B got it exactly right with her debut album On a Mission. Recruiting scene heavyweights Skream, Benga and D&B stalwart DJ Zinc, James Blake’s former classmate pulled off the softer, girlier take on dubstep with finesse. A year or so down the track, she’s plotting her next album – but apparently, Katy’s moving away from the wubb wubb.

“It’s still a dance album, but where On a Mission was very much based around dubstep and house music, the new songs are less about repetitive beats,” she told The Daily Star earlier this year. “Standing on my own two feet is inspiring new lyrics for the album, due out early next year,” the Brit elaborated over the weekend. That having said, Katy’s still got bass trailblazer Joker the Magnetic Man troupe on board to produce. Speaking to ITM earlier this month, Benga only had good things to say about collaborating with the crossover star. “When I sit down, I make a song with Katy, I love the fact that her input is the way it is, and it’s completely different to what I’d think of.” Also earning himself a production credit is Mark Ronson, whom Katy recently teamed up with for the (very pop sounding) Coke Olympic advert tune Anywhere in the World.

Whatever direction the new record takes, Katy B’s got a lot to live up with LP number two. On a Mission spawned five singles, scored a Mercury Prize nomination and took her to festivals around the world, including our own Parklife. Relive Katy B at her bass-y best with the Benga cover Katy on a Mission below.


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