Eclipse2012 lineup gets even bigger

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Earlier this year, we announced the first and second round of names headed to Far North Queensland for the one-off edition of Eclipse2012. Put on as a joint venture by the people behind our own Rainbow Serpent Festival, Symbiosis Festival in the US, Mother in Japan and the UK’s hallowed Glade Festival, Eclipse is running for a mammoth seven days and hosting well over a hundred acts. But it’s not just the sheer size of the bill that makes Eclipse special – what really sets it apart is that the festival is timed to catch the Total Eclipse of the Sun that will occur over Northern Australia early in the morning of November 14, smack bang in the middle of the festival.

Now, Eclipse has added even more artists to the lineup. From November 10-16, a host of new locals and internationals (marvel at them all below) will join the lineup that already spans trance, techno, broken beats, chill, roots, reggae and gypsy. Tickets are on sale now, so for full event info and to buy head over to the Eclipse2012 website.

Eclipse 2012 latest round of artists:

Iration Steppas
Prince Fatty
Mugo’s HiFi
Johhny Clarke
Bobby Alu
Mista Savona
Beats Antique
Richard Devine

Eclipse2012 lineup as it stands:

Sun Stage

‘Covering a range of styles including psytrance, progressive trance and techno the Sun Stage is the one stop destination for feet pounding aural delicacies.’

Perfect Stranger (Israel)
Oliver Lieb (GER)
Tristan (UK)
Atmos (Sweden)
Avalon (UK)
Captain Hook (Israel)
GMS (Spain)
Suncontrolspecies (Australia)
Sensient (Australia)
Tetrameth (Australia)
Etnica Vs Pleiadiens (Spain)
Earthling (Spain)
Guiseppe (Denmark)
Sonic Species (UK)
Dickster (UK)
Terrafractyl (Australia)
Hypnagog (Australia)
Behind Blue Eyes (Denmark)
Phony Orphants (Denmark)
Burn in Noise (Brazil)
Ecliptic (Mexico)
DJ Swarup (Brazil)
Killerwatts (UK)
Wrecked Machines (Brazil)
Aphid Moon (UK)
U-Reckon (Israel)
Unseen Dimensions (Australia)
Space Tribe (UK)
Emok (Denmark)
Treavor Moontribe (USA)
James Monro (Brazil)
Beauty & the Beat (GER)
Chromatone (USA)
D-Sens (France)
Merkaba (Australia)
One Tasty Morsel (Australia)
Young Kim (Korea/Italy)
Edoardo (Neurobiotic)

Sky Stage

‘Showcasing some of the biggest names in techno, progressive and tech house the Sky Stage will lift you to atmospheric heights of rhythmic hypnotic wonder. Presented by Subsonic Festival (Aust), Shine On Festival (Aust) and Bar 25 (Berlin).’

Secret Cinema (NL)
Psycatron (Ireland)
Egbert (NL)
King Unique (UK)
D-Nox (GER)
Gabe (Brazil)
Dominic Thomas (SWE)
Jamie Stevens (Australia)
Kasey Taylor (Portugal)
Luis Jnr (Spain)
Antix (NZ)
Marcello VOR (Brazil)
Pena (Portugal)
Technasia (France)
Switchbox (GER)
Ricardo (GER)
Velcro (Brazil)
Steve Ward (Australia)
Tom Real (UK)
Kotaro (Japan)
Ipcress (UK)
Stratos (Greece/GER)
Nicos (Greece/GER)
Ricardo (GER)
Daniel Krau (GER)
Djane Kimski (GER)
Oblique Industries (Australia)
Thank You City (Australia)
Ed Motive (Australia)
Ian Woodsman (Australia)
Paul Abad (Australia)
U-One (Australia)

Moon Stage

‘Fresh from their own Eclipse event in May, Symbiosis will be teaming up with Earth Frequency Festival and Omelette Records to present a stunning broken beat stage, with the best of what the world and Australia have to offer across the genres of dub-step, glitch-hop, future bass, ethno-crunk, breakbeats, IDM and more.’

Tipper (UK)
Dub FX (Australia)
FreQ Nasty (USA)
Opiuo (Australia)
Spoonbill (Australia)
Eprom (USA)
Random Rab (USA)
Heyoka (USA)
An-Ten-Nae (USA)
Adham Shaikh (Canada)
JPod (Canada)
Kalya Scintilla (Australia)
Russ Liquid (USA)
The Mollusk (Australia)
Knowa Knowone (USA)
Circuit Bent (Australia)
Editor (Australia)
Dov (South Africa)
Bird of Prey (USA)
Mista Savona (Australia)
Deep Fried Dub (Australia)
Sun In Aquarius (Australia)
Monkeymarc (Australia)
Jamie Janover (USA)
Eskmo (USA)
Vibesquad (USA)
Beats Antique (USA)
Richard Devine (USA)
Govinda (USA)

Earth Stage

‘The Earth Stage is at the heart of the festival site, situated by the lake, with its own beach frontage. It is the destination for live reggae, dub, world music, gypsy, electro swing, house, disco and all things in between!’

Fat Freddy’s Drop (NZ)
OKA (Australia)
Tijuana Cartel (Australia)
Ganga Giri (Australia)
Mista Savona (Australia)
Kingfisha (Australia)
Fyah Walk (Australia)
Kooii (Australia)
Bobby Alu (Australia)
Lewie Day (Australia)
Savona Soundsystem (Australia)
Lotek & Die Rude & Kazman (Australia)
The Bird (Australia)
Woohoo Revue (Australia)
Ensemble Formidable (Australia)
Zennith (Australia)
Otologic (Australia)
Saritah (Australia)
Darky Roots (Australia)
Billy Dread (Australia)
Koahlition (Australia)
Reggae Bliss (Australia)
Jobstopper (Australia)
Mortisville (Australia)
Blunderbus (Australia)
8 Foot Felix (Australia)
Mickey Space (Australia)
Planet Jumper (Australia)
Dave Chestwig (Australia)
Timmus (Australia)
The Doctor (Australia)
Iration Steppas (UK)
Prince Fatty (UK)
Mugo’s HiFi (UK)
Johhny Clarke (UK)
Oka (Australia)
Bobby Alu (Australia)
Kingfisha (Australia)
Mista Savona (Australia)

Chill Temple

‘Presented by Resonant Temple from Byron Bay the Chill Temple will be a full production stage within a sacred geometry lotus temple.’

Solar Fields (Sweden)
Desert Dwellers (USA)
Banco De Gaia (UK)
Kaya Project (UK)
Jamie Janover (USA)
Makyo (Japan)
Hibernation (UK)
Soulware (NZ)
Kyson (Germany/Australia)
Terranine (NZ)
Sobey Wing (Canada)
Bloop (NZ)
Dj SpiderOrchid & Sufi Soul Electronica (USA/
Ahimsa (Japan/Australia)
Austero (Australia)
J-Dub (Australia)
Algorithm (Australia)
Beatrice (Australia)
A-Toniq (Australia)
Temple Step Project (Australia)
Auma (Australia)
Sun in Aquarius (Australia)
Mind Tree (Australia)
Whitebear (Australia)
Stinkwood (Australia)
Andrew Till (Australia)
Numatica (Australia)
Shifteq (Australia)
Integer (Australia)
Audego (Australia)
Hugo n Treats (Australia)
Interval (Australia)
Selwa (Australia)