Man sacked from day job for being a DJ

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From the awful news of a DJ who shot a nightclub patron over a song request to the awesome tale of a one-armed South African DJ who pulled a 60-hour gig, there’s been no shortage of unexpected decks-related stories over the years. Today, we’ve got another for the WTF pile: a man has been fired from his day job after his employers found out he’s a DJ.

Yep, for Sydney’s Sleiman Khalil, the occasional spot of mixing on the weekend was enough to get him fired from his job at Railcorp. According to journalism tome The Daily Telegraph, Khalil was dismissed from his job as a train driver in February when Railcorp discovered he DJs on the side.

Turns out, it’s against Railcorp’s code of conduct for staff to hold a second job without declaring it. As Khalil failed to tell his employers that he gets paid for the occasional DJ set, he was given the boot. However, he’s today been reinstated after an appeals board declared his sacking “excessive and entirely unwarranted”. You don’t say!

Khalil explained that he DJs mainly as a hobby, and – here’s the real scandal – only advertises his services and holds an ABN so he can get discounts on music equipment. We don’t know what alias Sleiman Khalil DJs under, but we’d sure like to.

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