Tomorrowland drops massive aftermovie, announces 2013 dates

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It’s not often the dance music massive gets overly excited about an ‘aftermovie’ for a festival, but Belgium’s Tomorrowland is a slightly different story. As we put it in ITM’s recent epic review “Beyond any doubt, it was that 2011 ‘Aftermovie’ that sold the entire world on Belgium’s Tomorrowland… It was a masterstroke of marketing, firmly cementing the festival’s enigma in the eyes of partygoers.” The 45+ million views on YouTube also indicated that it caught the attention of more than a few people.

This year’s edition of Tomorrowland similarly received a rapturous response from the more than 180,000 people who attended over the three days. “Most would struggle to even describe the dizzy journey that they went on over the three days,” ITM wrote of the 2012 event. “A week later, and you’re still dreaming about Tomorrowland.” Behold all 20 minutes of the aftermovie for this year’s event below, and for those extra keen among us to pencil in the dates for the next edition, promoters ID&T have announced that Tomorowland will return to Belgium on the 26th, 27th, 28th of July in 2013. Sold?


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james223 said on the 11th Sep, 2012

New goal for next yr.


muli_ said on the 11th Sep, 2012

Most epic thing i've been to in my life


412nv said on the 11th Sep, 2012

So annoyed i couldnt get a ticket, though made it for a week in Ibiza which was worth it. Watched this video this morning, best way to wake up and start your day (with your clothes on)


ravelikespastic said on the 11th Sep, 2012

I should swing by Belgium in my Eu/UK tour next year!!

Nathan Explosion

Nathan Explosion said on the 11th Sep, 2012

Ultra next year for me. (The 15th Anniversary) Then Tomorrowland for 2014. Fuuaaarrkkk


mxgloria said on the 12th Sep, 2012

just saying... i've been twice! no biggie :P
2011 was a better event though.


krys_65 said on the 13th Sep, 2012

Def aiming for this one!


Soloman said on the 13th Sep, 2012

was an amazing 3 days.. a must festival to do before you die..


chaarl said on the 27th Sep, 2012

Hi guys! I know its a bit early to be trying to sort stuff out for it....but,
I was just wondering is it to get the all inclusive thing where you stay in the hotel they provide, find own travel and acomadation or be better to find 11 people to stay in the masion thing? :) if anyone can help would be amazing! :D


Turongo said on the 21st Nov, 2012

2013 I'll be there for sure!


Jayme_Aussie said on the 11th Dec, 2012

Anyone from Australia going add me And lets organise a group to go as i already have a few friends going and to anyone else around the world wanting to join as it will be my Birthday the opening day and couldn't find a better way to celebrate....

Add me on here or F.B jay-me Mcloven lol....


FestyChick212 said on the 11th Dec, 2012

Sooooo the Tomorrowland info email address is shit is anyone else finding this? I've been bombarding these guys with all my questions: there are good with some things but I have a few things to ask you guys if you can help?

In terms of travel is it better to fly to Antwerp or Brussels??? And what time do people usually arrive on the Friday?


Matt1989 said on the 16th Jan, 2013

Was the most incredible experience of my life. Gutted i wont be going back this year but 2012 will always be the best year(i hope) :)


Yasoda said on the 16th Jan, 2013

was feeling really cynical about this until I saw the guy in the wheelchair


scottyk82 said on the 16th Jan, 2013

A dance music festival is the most incredible experience of your life...? How sad.


salpozia said on the 18th Jan, 2013

who knows what month will be tomorrowland event dis year