Watch: inthemix's epic Burning Man aftermovie

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It’s with good reason that Burning Man took the #1 spot in our list of 15 Festivals To Do Before You Die. As anyone who’s experienced Burning Man will tell you (very passionately, at length and probably a few times over), it’s less a festival and more a rite of passage. Spreading over seven days in the Nevada desert, money is eschewed in favour of a gifting economy, there’s an emphasis on art and spiritual experience and while the event draws plenty of big name DJs, there’s no real set times or main stages. It’s all laid back and it’s all about the experience.

The 26th Burning Man festival took over Black Rock City last week, and inthemix sent along our in-house videographer Vincent Rommalaere from Wallaby Way to capture it go down in all its dusty glory. As you’d expect, the result is likely to have you booking the first ticket there for 2013: between a bill that boasted Carl Cox, Stanton Warriors and Christopher Lawrence, over 50,000 ‘Burners’ cycling around the Nevada desert, fireworks, art installations and makeshift camps, there’s plenty in the video report to tip you off to just how epic Burning Man is. We’d call it a one-in-a-lifetime experience, but chances are if you’ve done it once you’ll make a point of going again. Check out the inthemix aftermovie below.