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After all the gongs were handed out at the 2012 inthemix awards, there was one more big announcement for the industry crowd gathered in Sydney. This November, Australia is set to host Asia-Pacific’s first conference dedicated to electronic music, presented by inthemix. The inaugural Electronic Music Conference will bring together the world’s leading artists, managers, industry, promoters, media and more in Sydney for a packed program of panels and keynote interviews to dissect and discuss the Australian dance music industry. Then, of course, there’ll be the parties.

The Electronic Music Conference is set for Tuesday November 27 and Wednesday November 28 2012. The timing falls in line with the immense Stereosonic tour and the kick-off to the summer season, so it’s sure to be a fascinating couple of days. EMC 2012 is the first announcement in a schedule of events for ARIA Week, a week-long celebration leading up to the 2012 ARIA Awards.

Sound Alliance CEO Neil Ackland made the announcement from the inthemix awards stage last night. “Australia has been one of the world’s leading dance music markets for over a decade, with more than 750,000 Australians visiting dance festivals each year,” he said. “Our artists are achieving great success on a global stage. Our festivals are breaking new ground. Our industry is not just respected, it is envied the world over, and we believe it’s time Australia had a conference that matched our global status and ambition.” Stay tuned for the announcement of speakers, panels and how to get tickets on inthemix in the coming weeks.


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damdamodam said on the 19th Sep, 2012

excellent news - extra parties in some more intimate surroundings will help to keep building the profile of the Australian visit..! encourage more internationals to come here outside of the $$$ & help kick the scene along


slackas said on the 19th Sep, 2012

Very cool, timing will bring some big names.


ratticus said on the 19th Sep, 2012

Very interested to see what's in store.


husky_dj said on the 19th Sep, 2012

Very good idea. Australia has been dominating a lot of genre's in the last 5 years, so hopefully the title "EMC" doesn't dictate the focus on more mainstream sounds. A great opportunity for Australians to shine though, and showcase the vast array of talent we have HOME GROWN :)


Mickstah said on the 19th Sep, 2012

Wow this is interesting and unexpected. Keen to see what sort of panel discussions are in line for this. :thumb:

Corey Solvberg

Corey Solvberg said on the 19th Sep, 2012

looks like ill be taking a week of work and flying over!!!


sounds_echoed said on the 19th Sep, 2012

Is this Australia's attempt at a WMC? It will be interesting to hear more about this but I'm not expecting much.


jimmenyC said on the 19th Sep, 2012

smells like an in-house big-wig promoter meeting.


walkdogz said on the 19th Sep, 2012

I think a good topic of discussion would be why with such a globally envied industry we can't sustain even a handful of decent clubs with the Tank closure an obvious reference point. Or the more truthful point could be made that while we have 750 000 people going to dance music festivals, half of them are there to be seen and the music is incidental beyond the few top 40 hits they're spoon fed by mtv and today fm. That's why the amount of people going to festivals doesn't at all add up with the amount going to clubs supporting electronic music. I'd rate any city in the world which can have a large club open to till daybreak with names not including David Guetta and similar as having a better electronic music culture than we have here, and there are many places with that. A thriving dance music culture or a thriving culture of getting shitfaced and partying in the sun because it's fun and is what Aussies do?


khas said on the 19th Sep, 2012

Walkdogz just killed it for me


tranceducer said on the 20th Sep, 2012

A potential point for discussion I'd hope the 'big wigs' might discuss would be the overpriced and inflated expense of bringing international guests for club nights.... When it's hard to fill a club night with 400 people promoters hardly ever cover their expenses and dj's / agents are walking away with ridiculous amounts. I feel this needs to be addressed somehow!?


pomrocks said on the 20th Sep, 2012

the answer to this is to move australia closer to europe


Joffa said on the 21st Sep, 2012

big deal, this is just a poor man's WMC with Stereo as the mock Ultra and associating this with the ARIA awards is another move bringing crappy edm closer and closer to pop music.


Weinertron said on the 21st Sep, 2012

Electronic Music Conference: Squeezing more festivals into an already over-saturated market since 2012


GoodLove said on the 22nd Sep, 2012

couldnt have picked a gayer sounding narrator on the video


EmmyC87 said on the 22nd Sep, 2012

The question is am I prepared to give up my Xmas holidays for this? I think I am ....

michael X

michael X said on the 23rd Nov, 2012

Far to expensive !! for budding artists and industry
Big sound is cheaper
and wheres the APRA|AMCOS Rep !!= WTF