Gareth Emery coming back for 2012 tour

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After delivering some standout sets at Future Music Festival earlier this year, Gareth Emery has announced he’s coming back our way for a string of November tour dates. Emery’s headed back on the back of what’s been a very good streak for the trance heavyweight: releasing his album Northern Lights last year, holding residency at Marquee in Vegas and releasing his giant single Concrete Angel earlier this year.

Emery’s doing a four date spin of the country, headed to Family in Brisbane, the Metro in Sydney, the Palace Theatre in Melbourne and a TBA Perth venue. It all kicks off on November 2, and if past performance is anything to go by audiences are in for a treat.

Totem Industries and Hardware present Gareth Emery tour dates:

Friday November 2 – Family Nightclub, Brisbane
Saturday November 3 – Metro Theatre, Sydney
Sunday November 4 – TBA, Perth
Monday November 5 – Palace Theatre, Melbourne


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spookyAUS said on the 19th Sep, 2012

So Adelaide doesn't even get a sniff? Pffft fail sorry but there are fans of this DJ in other states in this country apart from the Mexicans in Vic and wet n wild girls/bombs away fanboyz in Brisbane. Its a PITY because the Adelaide crowd love their trance......... guess we can make do with the stereos trance lineup and decent local acts.


crackers4 said on the 19th Sep, 2012

Mexicans in Vic...the fuck?


mattpolo8 said on the 19th Sep, 2012

meh. was rubbish at future. barely anything new lately so don't really understand what the tour is for.


anjunaman said on the 19th Sep, 2012

spookyAUS.. mate it's up to YOUR promoters to bring the acts to your city. So don't go bagging us 'Mexicans' in Victoria because we are actually a trance loving city.


creaturedreams said on the 19th Sep, 2012

@ mattpolo8. trance 2.0/bandwagoner fans love emery.

Dr Ranga

Dr Ranga said on the 19th Sep, 2012

I'd take being called a "Mexican" as an insult, but their food is fucking AWESOME. Jokes on you, I make awesome food and you live in Adelaide!


stig_aus said on the 19th Sep, 2012

My backyard is available Mr Emery


Technocolour said on the 19th Sep, 2012

awesome! Now that Defqon's over, looking to get back into trance and this sounds like a great way to immerse myself in it all again ^_^


asadi said on the 21st Sep, 2012

this guy's lost his touch completely, jumped the electro bandwagon


Chrisdude said on the 24th Sep, 2012

When are tickets on sale?? Any supports??