Richie Hawtin & Loco Dice tour U.S. colleges with ‘Beyond EDM’

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From late October, longtime compadres Richie Hawtin and Loco Dice will be following Tiesto’s lead and setting out on a tour of North American college campuses. Unsurprisingly, though, that’s where the Tiesto parallels end. Hawtin and Dice have coined their circuit ‘CNTRL: Beyond EDM’ in a bid to take “the more futuristic and underground side of the genre” to malleable young minds. The tour will be less about LEDs and CO2 cannons and more about music and technology, with daytime lectures alongside the late-night parties headlined by Hawtin, Dice and a rotating cast of their friends.

CNTRL is set to feature special guest speakers in each city during the daytime lecture programming, including Tiga and John Acquaviva. The ‘Cirriculum’ will feature Hawtin getting in-depth about the vanguard of DJing, Dice ‘on old-school DJing with modern technology’, Hawtin’s sound technician Johannes Krämer talking sound, and more in that vein. After dark, the soundtrack will come from distinguished names like Carl Craig, Paco Osuna, Kevin Saunderson and Seth Troxler. DJ TechTools guru Ean Golden will also be a regular. Sounds like quite a party.

At the 2012 EDM Biz conference in Las Vegas, inthemix heard Hawtin discuss the current boom-time for dance music in North America. “Sometimes it reminds me of the early ‘90s in California,” he said. “The whole rave scene. I was actually on a bus tour around 1991. It was the band I was in, Cybersonic, Moby and The Prodigy. It was the first electronic rave bus tour across America. At that moment, it looked like it was going to pop. But it didn’t.

“Things happened in L.A. and other places with people not understanding the music fully. That was probably the right thing to happen then. It wasn’t ready. I guess what I’m trying to say is now the people behind the scenes have matured and if it had happened 20 years ago, we would’ve lost control of it. Now we can – I don’t want to say ‘take it to the masses’, ‘cause I don’t believe it should go to the masses – but go to a wider field.” They’ve set up a Facebook page for ‘CNTRL: Beyond EDM’ if you’re planning to be near a U.S. college campus this year.

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