Crystal Castles announce "dystopian" third album details

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8-bit heroes Crystal Castles warned us that their third album would be “bleak” and two singles in, it’s sure sounding that way. Duo Alice Glass and Ethan Kath released Plague, the first single from their next record a couple months back and this morning on triple j, they unveiled the second bite of the forthcoming release. As the title would suggest, new single Wrath of God isn’t exactly happy-go-lucky stuff.

But while Glass and Kath are really letting the grim flag fly in the song titles, there’s no such description in the album title. In keeping with albums (I) and (II) before it, the third LP hasn’t been given a title as such, instead christened simply (III). More surprising is the approach they’ve taken to (III): the pair announcing they ditched their synths and keyboards, enforcing a “strictly no computers” rule in favour of recording everything straight to tape.

As for what’s gone into the album thematically? “Oppression is a theme, in general… A lot of bad things have happened to people close to me since II and it’s profoundly influenced my writing as I’ve realised there will never be justice for them,” Alice explains. “I didn’t think I could lose faith in humanity any more than I already had, but after witnessing some things, it feels like the world is a dystopia where victims don’t get justice and corruption prevails.” So they really weren’t joking with the “bleak” assessment. You can get your hands on Glass and Kath’s latest on November 2, while the pair touch down for the Big Day Out tour and sideshows in January.

Crystal Castles – Wrath of God


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discotheque said on the 27th Sep, 2012

Damn, their third album would be the equivalent of Primal Scream's third album Screamadelica in terms of being groundbreaking. We'll find out 2 Nov perhaps


dry_air said on the 27th Sep, 2012

i don't think they ditched all of their synths/keys, i believe they just replaced them with new ones or something like that. what else would they have used to record on tape?