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On Sunday, September 30 (that’s this weekend, folks!) Perfecto Records boss Paul Oakenfold returns to Sydney for his first shows after a three year absence. Given he’s taking over the Hordern Pavilion for the gig, it should come as no surprise that Oakey’s got a big night planned for us. Sure enough, Future Entertainment have just released the set times for Sunday night’s show and it’s looking pretty epic: Oakey will be joined by the likes of local trance star MaRLo and up and coming back-to-back duo Thomas Knight and Nick Arbor in the main room, while the Likes of You stage boasts T-Boy and a back-to-back set from Danny Lang and Digit. All up, the tunes run from 10pm til 5am the next morning – so it’s a good thing you’ve got all of public holiday Monday to sleep it off.

The visit all comes as part of Paul Oakenfold’s Four Seasons concept tour, which has the scene stalwart marking winter, spring, summer and autumn with new compilations. Oakey’s also treating Sydney to a second show, stopping in at Marquee Nightclub for a Saturday night set before the big Hordern Gig. He’s also headed to Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth on the 2012 tour as well as teaming up with inthemix for a mega house party, heading to one very lucky fans house for an exclusive DJ set. With a bevy big new tunes under his belt, it’s looking like it’ll be a very memorable string of shows. Check out the Sydney set times below!

  • Main Room
    • 04:00am – Binary Finary
    • 03:00am – MaRLo
    • 01:00am – Paul Oakenfold
    • 12:00am – VLN
    • 11:00pm – Thomas Knight & Nick Arbor
    • 10:00pm – DJ Ange
  • Likes of You
    • 03:30am – Sam Arellano
    • 02:30am – Mars Monero vs. Reno
    • 01:30am – T-Boy
    • 12:30am – Danny Lang vs. Digit
    • 11:30pm – Matt Cahill
    • 10:00pm – Damien Osbourne vs. Nick Robins


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Chemo said on the 28th Sep, 2012

Boo- only two hours for Oakenfold, could have as well played at a friggin festival.


lawlietskyy said on the 28th Sep, 2012

And the award for 'biggest sook' goes to ... ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


zippy180 said on the 28th Sep, 2012

Created this account purely to tell Genesis and the rest of the community that these are bullshit set times. Putting an international headliner on for 2hours while charging such a premium for tickets is simply retarded and outrageous. Genesis you're shit, self promoting useless 'mixers'. Thomas Knight and Nick Arbor you dont deserve the privilege to open for someone so talented. You two need to go learn how to produce and release something decent. Then maybe, you can qualify to open. For Marlo and Binary Finary, good job for putting them so late. I hope they enjoy playing to an empty room. Have fun with your glory as you usually do, and thanks for killing a night that had great potential, you degenerate pricks.


zippy180 said on the 28th Sep, 2012

come at me trolls and banter babies


josh_goods said on the 28th Sep, 2012

'up and coming' back-to-back duo? i don't mean to be rude, as I do one day want to work for the guys, but come on...


DTrancer said on the 29th Sep, 2012

2hrs seems plenty enough for oakey to stand there and point, wink and wave at the crowd.


Chemo said on the 30th Sep, 2012

No sook here, just not willingly taking bulls=8t like this for paying so much money. Good on Zippy, well said!


DJ_LG said on the 30th Sep, 2012

hey Zippy, it's put on by Future not Genesis. Just sayin


Chemo said on the 1st Oct, 2012

Oakie was so good for the first part of his set and then became really meeeh. Wish he had gotten a third hour to make it up from that valley again but didn't happen.


eholdensonkimura said on the 1st Oct, 2012

Production was shocking - Sound system kept clipping, dropping in volume, arrays were pointed OUTWARDS, no extra subs stacks.

The only lighting they had were 4 moving heads, 4 strobes and 2 flamethrowers.

Pretty poor show by Future. Not going to any of their shit again.


james223 said on the 1st Oct, 2012

Future got lazy with this gig.


simmo1984 said on the 2nd Oct, 2012

I hate to say it but you Sydney people got jibbed LOL - we've got a 3 hour set from Oakey in Melbourne this Friday night!

It's at Festival Hall and if the production of the Cosmic Gate show earlier this year is anything to go by, it will be nothing short of amazing :)