Parklife kicks off; the photos are in!

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With a long weekend conveniently extending the fun, Parklife rolled into Brisbane, Sydney and Perth over the weekend for the first leg of the festival’s 2012 tour. With the weather holding true to Fuzzy’s “hibernation ends here” pledge (bar a few Brisbane showers), Parklife got off to a sunny start around the country.

Repping the home team, locals Alison Wonderland, Flume and Lancelot kicked the day off across the stages, while in Brisbane newcomers Parachute Youth were a no-show. From there, the meaty international contingent took over: Benga brought the bass in the 4pm timeslot and the many-monikered Jacques Lu Cont also delivered in a late afternoon set.

As the sun started to set (at least in Sydney), bass heavyweights Nero kicked off one of the busiest sets of the day, before Justice repped Ed Banger with a DJ set. Closing honours went to Swede Robyn, brostep fiend Rusko and on their first live tour in years, our own The Presets. “This is the point where all sensibility seemingly went out the window and the crowd went ballistic,” our Brisbane reviewer wrote. “Starting off slow and building in to a massive crescendo of wicked arpeggiators and floaty sweet vocals so telling of Presets style, these guys are seasoned performers and know how to rock a massive, adoring crowd.”

So far there’s been no repeat of last year’s messy after parties (though Justice did hit the decks at Fake Club after the Sydney show), but the Parklife party rolls on with Melbourne and Adelaide getting their turn this weekend. Before the next leg of the tour kicks off, check out the Brisbane and Sydney snaps below – Perth photos are on their way.


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Shayno89 said on the 3rd Oct, 2012

Great day in Sydney - 1 highlight was definitely watching Rusko perform. Not because of his music, but because the guy was so fcked off his face. By the end of his set I was sore from laughing while watching him more than anything.


Slavo_Pendulum said on the 3rd Oct, 2012

I met him after it!! We were like chilling on either side of the fence just talking about the show, he was so appreciative of the fans and how such a good show it was and stuff


james223 said on the 3rd Oct, 2012

Was bondi hipsters totes amazeballs?