“This was heaven”: Inside the Paul Oakenfold house party

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While most of Sydney spent Monday night with the end-of-long-weekend blues, one household was gearing up for an all-time party. The guest of honour: none other than Paul Oakenfold. Bassia, the lucky host of the house party, was plucked out from thousands of competition entries, and her prize was pretty epic. Together with our friends at American Honey and DJ Warehouse, inthemix brought the superstar DJ, equipment and the drinks. Bassia just had to get together a guest-list and warn the neighbours.

“Honestly I couldn’t afford a ticket to Oakey’s gigs and I didn’t even score a ticket to Parklife, so I started entering all the competitions,” Bassia told inthemix about her win. “I guess I was trying to win the concert experience because I couldn’t buy tickets, but I was only expecting to win tickets or CDs. This was heaven! When I started telling the troops what I had won, everyone believed me but they were in a massive state of shock. I don’t think the realisation came about until the guests started to arrive and everyone started to get really amped up, realising that Paul Oakenfold was actually playing at my house!”

With the house ready and waiting, Oakey arrived in the lounge room to a huge cheer, greeting all the guests before he got down to business. Checking with Bassia what she wanted to hear, he delivered a set of trance classics and floor-fillers. Bassia requested 2001 hit ResuRection by PPK, which Oakey has remixed. When he realised he didn’t have it on him, the host put it on a USB for him so he could play it. “The best part would have to have been each time Paul pulled me behind the decks for cuddles and boogies and mixing lessons,” she said. “Those moments are literally something I will likely only have once in my life.”

Oakey proved to be “an amazing sport about the rowdiness too”, and made sure there was no lull in the lounge room rave. Handing the honour of cueing up the last track to Bassia, he left the night on a high. The once-in-a-lifetime night was captured on camera, so check out the inthemix gallery below. Stay tuned for a video from the event later this week.


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