Announcing the first panels and speakers for Electronic Music Conference

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With over 30 sessions to be held over two days, there’s a lot to look forward to at the inaugural Electronic Music Conference (EMC) this November. Now comes the time to announce the first speakers and panel topics for EMC, and there’ll be much more to follow in coming weeks. EMC will take over three different venues at Sydney’s Jones Bay Wharf on Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 November, featuring keynote interviews, panels, round-table discussions and production masterclasses.

The first round of speakers announced for EMC includes world-renowned dance luminaries Tiesto, Diplo and Tommy Trash, who will appear on the program alongside key industry players from Australia and around the world. The panels are set to cover everything from the buzz of the underground to dance music at its most amplified. Topics will include The Festival Debate, a look at global trends in dance music, the question of dance radio, and how the current climate looks to the artists in the thick of it. Australia’s rising dance music artists will also have the opportunity to present their work to industry heavyweights at the Emerging Artists Showcase. Applications for acts will be opening soon, so keep your eye on inthemix.

The full EMC program will be announced in coming weeks, and the first round of speakers is listed below, followed by some highlights from the program so far. Finally, we’ve detailed the ticketing options, with Early Bird tickets on sale now. Head to the EMC website for everything you need to know.


Tiesto, artist (NL)
Diplo, artist (USA)
Patrick Moxey, Ultra Music (USA)
David Boyle, Senior Vice President of Insights, EMI Worldwide (UK)
Tommy Trash, artist (AUS)
Gary Richards, Hard Events (USA)
Ash Pournouri, At Night Management (SWE)
Mike Brown, Director of International Market Development, Twitter (USA)
Steve Levy, BPM/Moonshine (USA)
Richie McNeill, Totem Onelove (AUS)
Neil Ackland, CEO, Sound Alliance/EMC, Founder (AUS)
Seth Combs, Chief Marketing Officer, Sol Republic (USA)
Dan Rosen, CEO, ARIA (AUS)
Dror Erez, Totem Onelove (AUS)
Ken West, Big Day Out (AUS)
Andy Vance, Brand Partnerships Manager – Music and Lifestyle, CUB (AUS)
John Wall, Fuzzy (AUS)
Sudeep Gohill, CEO, Droga5 (AUS)
Hamish Pinkham, Director, Rhythm Group (NZ)
John Curtin, Marketing Director, Totem Onelove (AUS)
Mark Poston, Chairman, EMI (AUS)
Brett Robinson, Future Entertainment (AUS)
Brandon Roque, Marquee Sydney (USA)
Grant Smillie, Neon Records (AUS)
Adam Zammit, CEO, Big Day Out (AUS)
Tim Duggan, Content Director, Sound Alliance (AUS)
Jason Ayoubi, Future Entertainment (AUS)
Tim Hardaker, Partnerships Director, Sound Alliance (AUS)
Scott Horscroft, Vice President of A&R, EMI (AUS)
John Course, Vicious Recordings (AUS)
Jack Tregoning, Editor, inthemix (AUS)
Jane Slingo, Young Strangers (AUS)
Ben Suthers, Big Day Out (AUS)
Bev Malcolm, EMI/BPM Originals (AUS)
Anthony Colombi, Global PR Pool (AUS)
Andrew Jackson, Manager, Milton Archer (AUS)
Dayna Young, Archery Club (AUS)


The full EMC program will be announced in coming weeks, but highlights include:

Keynote Address: Tiesto

The world’s number 1 DJ sits down with Grant Smillie for an in-depth discussion about his career, production, Australia and the future.

Panel: Behind America’s EDM explosion

Some of the US’s leading figures, including Ultra Music founder Patrick Moxley, Hard Event’s Gary Richards and BPM’s Steve Levy take us through exactly what happens when the most influential music market discovers dance music.

Research Presentation: Global Trends

EMI’s Senior Vice President of Insights, David Boyle, gives EMC2012 an exclusive presentation into the latest Australian and international dance music trends, based on research of over 750,000 music fans.

The Artist Panel

Sure to be a highlight of EMC2012, top international artists including Diplo and Tommy Trash share their unique takes on the future of the electronic music scene.

Panel: The Festival Debate

Australasia’s leading music festivals Stereosonic, Future Music, Parklife, Big Day Out, Rhythm & Vines (NZ) and more go head-to-head to debate the current festival landscape.

Round-Table: Sound of the Underground

Electronic music is not just about mainstages. Some of the underground’s most passionate musicians and promoters talk through the importance of keeping it grounded.

Panel: Brands and dance music

EMC2012 will bring together some of Australia and the world’s most sophisticated and experienced brand marketers in the music world including Sol Republic’s CMO Seth Combs, Droga5 CEO Sudeep Gohil, CUB Brand Partnerships Manager Andy Vance and Sound Alliance CEO Neil Ackland to find out how to pitch your product, how to attract sponsors and importantly real world examples of what works.

Masterclass: Breaking it down

Production whizzes take apart their favourite tracks live on stage and show you all their tips and tricks.

Panel: Scene but not heard. How to break radio.

Where does dance fit into Australia’s radio landscape? Join Vicious’ Lorne Padman, Global PR’s Anthony Colombi and more as they explain how to crack radio.

Round Table: Industry Body

Is it time that Australian dance music had an organised, dedicated body to represent and lobby for our industry? Be a part of the first round table discussion.

EMC2012 Emerging Artists Showcase

A selection of the hottest emerging artists in Australian dance music will showcase their talents for the industry. This exclusive cocktail party is exclusive to EMC Delegates on the afternoon of Tuesday November 27. Applications for acts will be opening soon, so keep your eye on inthemix.

EMC Closing Party

EMC takes over the Ivy Pool for a Closing Party on Wednesday November 28, featuring Australia’s best dance labels – Onelove, Ministry of Sound and Neon – as an official part of ARIA Week. This event is exclusive to EMC Delegates only.


A limited number of delegate passes to EMC are available now. Find out more at the EMC website.

Early Bird Tickets (closes October 26) $395
Special Rate Tickets (closes November 13) $495
Full Rate Tickets $595


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Wowk said on the 9th Oct, 2012

Jack - which panel are you going to be on? So keen for that one :D


katiecunningham said on the 9th Oct, 2012

I can't bloody wait for the JackT panel.


daverh said on the 9th Oct, 2012

JackT sits down with a full-length mirror for an in-depth discussion about his career, his political aspirations, his affinity for honeycomb Maxibons and the secrets to writing Tijs news.


ezza69 said on the 9th Oct, 2012

Very keen to go to this, but $395 is a bit steep. Is there only the one ticketing option of getting a delegate pass, or will they also be announcing other options where you can pay to go to individual sessions?

Tim D

Tim D said on the 9th Oct, 2012

Hey Ezza, only two-day delegate passes are available for EMC2012. We will be announcing some related EMC events to happen during the week that individual tickets will be available for.


muse said on the 9th Oct, 2012

Hmm, not sure exactly who from that list will be speaking at "Round-Table: Sound of the Underground"

? (Jack T totally acceptable choice, everyone


JackT said on the 9th Oct, 2012

Hey muse, this is just the first round of speakers - more details to come in coming weeks!


DTrancer said on the 10th Oct, 2012

what do people do at these so called 'conferences'? rock up, have a bikky, cone of silence?


DHindahouse said on the 10th Oct, 2012

best dance labels? in Minsitry's case, most commercially successful. They pedal crap year after year.


muse said on the 14th Oct, 2012

cool cool, i look forward to reading the new additions :)

and I agree with DHindahouse, Onelove, Ministry of Sound and Neon are our best dance labels?

What a steaming pile of horseshit that statement is. I actually had to google Neon then as had never heard of it.


hollyjanesimpson said on the 15th Oct, 2012

What time will everything start on tuesday? booking flights from melb & dont wanna miss anything.... Cheers :)

Tim D

Tim D said on the 15th Oct, 2012

Hey hollyjanesimpson - EMC will kick off around 9am/9:30am ish on Tuesday November 27, so make sure you get in by then.



rubbishtalk said on the 15th Oct, 2012

umm who is going to pay that sort of money around here????


jimmenyC said on the 16th Oct, 2012

People who are set on making money in their musical endeavours will pay to attend. I've always found these sort of things to be really interesting and informative. Of course, there have always been cheap, free and alternatives, like the Bondi Wave or you can spend hours watching RBMA lectures.