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After a focused stint in the studio, Kiwi five-piece Kora has emerged with its second album, Light Years, which arrives this Friday 26 October via Remote Control. The band describes the new batch of tracks as ‘alien funk’, a melting pot of soul, R&B and bass music. Ahead of the release date, inthemix is streaming Light Years, so you can wrap your ears around it early.

“Alien funk is anything out of this world electronically,” is how Laughton, one of the Kora brothers, describes the feel of Light Years. “When we began recording the album we started putting pictures of planets and galaxies on the walls of the studio as visual cues for what we wanted to explore. The whole thing with space is that it represents the unknown, and that’s how we feel about our music – we don’t know where we’re going, but when we find what we like we stay with it.”

On this album, the band has set aside the guitars to focus on live and sampled drums and synthesisers to make what the band’s Dan McGruer describes as “epic hooks, twinkling synths and huge arpeggiated chords”. As MrGruer adds: “We just went about capturing our personalities and all our different influences, from electronic dance music, to electro-funk, to classic ’80s pop songwriting, and filtering them into a sound that’s undeniably Kora. That’s just the sort of band we are, taking things into out of space and onto the next level.”

Kora is set to take the new album on the road in November, stopping in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne with a newly-polished set-list. In the meantime, hit play on our Light Years stream.

Kora live dates:

Friday 23rd November – The Metro Theatre, Sydney
Saturday 24th November – The HiFi, Melbourne
Sunday 25th November – The HiFi, Brisbane

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