Jay-Z signs Sander van Doorn to Roc Nation

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With a roster that hinges on names like Rita Ora, J. Cole and even 11-year-old pop star Willow Smith, Jay-Z’s Roc Nation isn’t the first place you’d associate with big-room Dutch house and trance. All that’s about to change, though, as Stereosonic-bound scene hero Sander van Doorn dropped some surprise news to Vibe.com in an interview at Amsterdam Dance Event. “My biggest friend at the moment is actually Jay-Z,” the DJ told Vibe, looking like he can’t quite believe it himself. “I just got signed to his label, Roc Nation. So he’s my new best friend.” We’ll have to wait to find out just what’s coming from that friendship.

Roc Nation came about in 2008 as a collaboration between Jay-Z and touring giant Live Nation. Another high-profile dance act in the Roc Nation empire is Chase & Status, who have said they politely turned down working with high-profile associates like Rihanna for their No More Idols album. Other sign-ups to the Roc Nation ‘family’ include UK gun Switch and Stargate, the Norwegian production team that works behind the scenes on pop blockbuster after pop blockbuster.

Sander van Doorn’s last album was 2011’s Eleve11, which impressed our reviewer: “Steering well clear of dropping a collection of disparate club bombs (like he might have been a little guilty of in the past), Doorn has crafted a tight and polished affair with Eleve11. Though in some respects it might sideline the fans that prefer him exclusively in peaktime trance mode, it’ll be a joy for anyone who’s embraced the full range of his musical personality.”

The Dutchman told Vibe at ADE that his recent career has been a whirlwind. “I just did a collaboration together with Mark Knight, and another with a dance group I can’t say too much about yet. My schedule is absolutely ridiculous right now.”



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lawlietskyy said on the 25th Oct, 2012

Despite him not being Trancey for a long time, He was doing this whole 'in between' style wayyy before the pack and still has some sort of talent imo


angy said on the 26th Oct, 2012

^^Agreed. Loved it when he was taking trance in exciting new directions, but he's earned the right to take his music wherever the hell he wants.


josh_goods said on the 26th Oct, 2012

his doorn til dusk show at future was mind boggling... amazing (and rare, and inspiring) to see a dj standing over 3 decks with just a cd wallet and create such compelling mixes within tech house, prog and trance. he was one of my greatest influences, that set was, but now hes really lost what made him special. his variance of genres has reduced from 3-4 actual genres to maybe a couple sub genres focusing around his now-predictable production.
capitalist homogenization has hit our music


lawlietskyy said on the 26th Oct, 2012

^^^ - Yeah that future set was something special and outta nowhere ... He had his own unique style that tiesto TRIED to emulate ... but now sander's sound seems bandwagon jumping


sweetmiserii said on the 26th Oct, 2012

This makes me sick!
Sander was too late for the "No More Idols" album, which clearly he should have featured on as he is no longer an idol in trance.
Personally to me it comes across as complete disrespect to the genre of Trance....! GET HIM OFF THE TRANCE STAGE FOR STEREO- please.
It's just a popularity contest now for all the DJ's... it's not about the music, it is where the money is at. Maybe i just love trance too much to be able to understand why someone with so much talent would want to start steering away from it.... I know he has being doing this for a while and much before everyone else... but this.... this is just straight up ridiculous!


angy said on the 26th Oct, 2012

Yep, you definitely do love trance too much. Trance purists do get very, very mad ;)


djbourne said on the 26th Oct, 2012

Sander use to be good. He let all that fame and money get to his head. This is exactly what happens when you mainstream something into America. Worshiping the DJ become the focal point, when it should be about the music. The DJ is just there to take you into a journey, but how can you do that if your productions are predictable. R.I.P. Sander


Slavo_Pendulum said on the 26th Oct, 2012

I just jumped the fence into that future music festival in 2011, I walked past the room where he was playing and I was like holy shit, I need to get in there! At that stage I didn't know what trance was or any kind of music he was playing, but that set. Just wow, it changed my mind on music forever. Beautiful!


RunningWithScissors said on the 27th Oct, 2012

actually if your productions are ultra-formulaic and predictable as fuck it makes them a lot easier to dance to


ArmySniperDan said on the 4th Nov, 2012

never cared for his music


polite_society said on the 5th Nov, 2012

Really miss the kind of stuff he was doing back around the time he released supernaturalistic. There was some *amazing* tech-trance on that album. He kind of dropped all of that within a year once he started getting attention for it, very sad.