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When the Future Music Festival tour rolls around next March, things are guaranteed to get raucous at the Warrior’s Dance stage. Headliners The Prodigy have already told inthemix to expect “the ultimate set-list”, and they’ve assembled a heavyweight cast around them. Bass fiends will be well served by Kill The Noise, Borgore and Feed Me, who, we imagine, will all build up to the unveiling of ‘The Skull’.

After a succession of DJ tours, it’s time for German don Boys Noize to bring his custom stage show to Australia for the first time. The Skull has been busy wreaking havoc around Europe this past month, most recently in front of 8000 screaming fans at Belgium’s I Love Techno festival. In between all the madness, inthemix caught a sleepy Alex Ridha in Barcelona to ask how the live tour is unfolding.

“Really, really amazing, thank you,” he said. “Everything’s crazy. It’s a lot of fun to play live now. It took me one or two times to get into it emotionally, but now I’ve started to really enjoy it and get comfortable with it. A lot of producer friends have seen the show and they say it’s still a Boys Noize show and feels right. That was the important part.”

In preparing the live show, Ridha went deep into the vault of Boys Noize records to give them a 2012 buff-up. As such, you’ll be hearing tracks that have long slipped out of his DJ sets. “As a DJ I play my new stuff only, so for the live show, I reworked every single myself,” he told us. “They actually give me a new kick. It’s cool to see them in a live concert, because they come to life.” With third studio album Out Of The Black released this year, there are enough originals and remixes now in the Boys Noize arsenal to make for a formidable live set.

As for ‘The Skull’ design, it all started with the cover of the debut Boys Noize album, 2007’s barnstorming Oi Oi Oi. Occasional BNR recruit Siriusmo has played a key role in bringing it to life. “I was using The Skull on my first album, but it looked a bit different,” Ridha said. “My friend Siriusmo from Berlin makes incredible music, but he’s also a wonderful graffiti artist. We were thinking of how we can bring back The Skull in a way that doesn’t look cheesy and doesn’t remind me of a roller-coaster prop. So we’re designing this new one that looks really minimal and futuristic. The idea was still to have that rough, natural feeling on-stage.”

If you need to get the blood pumping (save a little energy for March 2013), check out the first pro-shot video from The Skull’s European adventures. The show’s apparently so good an Irish lad “grew another shirt”.


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campbellt said on the 13th Nov, 2012

Haven't we seen this stage setup before... Deadmau5! Think of new sh#t dude. Why rip someone else's idea. Lame


perko_ said on the 13th Nov, 2012

^^deadmau5 just pinched the idea from daft punk anyway

mr flauge

mr flauge said on the 13th Nov, 2012

yeh thats a shit live show, i preferred his basic table set up


kane2188 said on the 14th Nov, 2012

would have been better if it was the disco ball skull from oi oi oi


ILLnoize said on the 15th Dec, 2012

HONESTLY, i have seen boys noize about 15 times, this is his best show to date! best stage, best visuals and amazing sound... this live show is right up there with chem bros and daft punk. GO See this LIVE and tell me im wrong