Riot police shut down Flux Pavilion's free gig

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Last night in Santa Monica, bass head Flux Pavilion was meant to be throwing a free gig for 1,000 fans as part of a new MTV project. But what had all the makings of a great secret show quickly went downhill, when riot police shut down the event early due to overcrowding.

According to the LA Times, as many as 3,000 fans rocked up – reportedly with free tickets in hand – to the show at Santa Monica venue Hangar 8, which has a maximum capacity of 1,500. While police originally arrived to keep an eye on the 2,000-strong crowd trying to get inside, Flux only got about 45 minutes into his set before the event was shut down. Predictably, he was none too happy about it: “So…Helicopters and LAPD with riot gear outside this airport hangar right now,” he tweeted, later adding “so LAPD are turning people away, what the fuck???” Fans, meanwhile, took to the Brit’s Facebook page to complain of hours-long waits trying to get into the venue, being threatened with arrest by police if they didn’t leave and security failing to check the tickets of those who did get in.

“Turnout for the concert far exceeded the 1,000 capacity for the venue,” MTV wrote in a statement on the incident. “Prior to turning fans away, officers of the Santa Monica Police Department called in backup to help manage the crowd. At approximately 11 p.m., organizers considered it best to end the event earlier than scheduled. Fans filed out in an orderly fashion and no one was hurt. MTV Iggy thanks the fans who showed up for the performance and regrets any inconvenience caused by its early end.”

It’s not the only show to be shut down recently. Last month, a Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso led “rave” at New York’s Haunted Coliseum was shut down early due to numerous reports of underage concert-goers requiring hospitalisation. “A lot of people took drugs before the show at home, because a lot of people started to pass out,” Sebastian Ingrosso told inthemix about the show. “We had to shut things down. I mean, we didn’t want anyone to die.”

Thankfully, things ended better in Santa Monica. “I’m so glad to hear nobody got hurt last night, pepper spray was just a rumour,” Flux later tweeted. “Wow I’m gobsmacked truly. All I can say is, you guys are the reason I’m here, your support means the world to me.”