Yep, it's a DJ Pauly D 'In Concert' Australian tour

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Round up all your friends and get ready to berate inthemix for our news-writing priorities, ‘cause Australian tour promoters KRBD Entertainment are aiming high with the 2013 DJ Pauly D tour. In January, the Jersey Shore DJ is set to fist-pump his way around the country, with two ambitiously sized shows around Australia Day – Festival Hall in Melbourne and the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney. In the poetics of the man himself: “I am so excited to be going to Australia for the first time, I can’t wait to DJ there and get the party started! Yeah buddy!” What’s more, it’s all ages, so you can bring your little brother/sister (excluding the Gold Coast show) to educate them on the true, expansive craft of DJing, as brought to you by a guy with a glittery flag of Italy on his laptop.

If ‘The World’s Highest-Paid DJs’ list put together by Forbes this year is to be believed, Pauly D is making a decent living from the DJ lark. Alongside lucrative product tie-ins, Forbes observed that EDM’s top-earners do very well out of touring. “Often toting nothing more than a USB stick and a pair of Pioneer CDJs, their production costs are often negligible, unlike rockers and pop stars who typically take home just one-third of gross ticket sales,” the magazine wrote of its findings. The Guido hero slipped into the #7 spot with an estimated yearly haul of $11 million, ahead of Kaskade, Afrojack and Avicii. As Deadmau5 put it in an interview with Reuters, though, the article’s research is speculative at best. “You’re putting the whole industry on one article written by one dude, who does not have access to any of our accounts.”

Here’s a good way to judge if you’ll be front-and-centre when DJ Pauly D rolls into your city: check out the video below for his single Night Of My Life, and decide if it looks like the potential night of your life. Then act accordingly.

DJ Pauly D In Concert dates:

24 January – HQ Nightclub, Adelaide (Licensed all ages)
25 January – Festival Hall, Melbourne (Licensed all ages)
26 January – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney (Licensed all ages)
27 January – Platinum Nightclub, Gold Coast

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