Camo & Krooked prep us for the Hospitality summer invasion

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This New Year’s, esteemed UK drum & bass imprint Hospital Records is taking a working holiday to Australia. Having grown from a grass-roots operation into a respected label, Hospital has recruited some of the finest players in the scene. They also throw excellent parties as Hospitality, from regular stints in Bristol, Manchester and Nottingham to one-offs in Ibiza, Tokyo and more.

It’s an illustrious crew taking the long haul down here. At the helm is High Contrast, coming off a remarkable 12 months which saw him compiling the music for the London Olympics opening ceremony alongside Underworld. Joining High Contrast are Austrian production guns Camo & Krooked, Brazil’s S.P.Y. (with a new album in tow) and Hospital prodigy Logistics. The tour starts at Breakfest in Perth, alongside Krafty Kuts & A-Skillz, DJ Yoda, The Nextmen and many more bass fiends. After a dispatch to New Zealand, it’s back across the Tasman for a Hospitality New Year’s Eve in Sydney and a Melbourne roll-out. We checked in with Camo & Krooked to see what’s in store.

From watching your Facebook updates, it’s been a good year of touring for Camo & Krooked. What have been some standout moments?
There have been too many good moments to pick out only a few; we really enjoyed touring the USA and Australia and doing all the big European festivals this year – good times!

You’ve done some standout remixes in the last couple of years. What remixes have you found the most challenging to get right?
Every remix has its own challenging bits, especially as we always try to give the tune a completely new twist, and not only take the obvious idea from the original.

Tell us a bit about your relationship with Hospital Records; why do you think it’s the best home for Camo & Krooked?
The team at Hospital Records are really nice guys and all of them became good friends of ours already. It’s definitely the best label for us, as it leaves us all the freedom of creativity we need, not being afraid that it might not fit into the label policy.

Bass music is in a really interesting place right now – are you inspired by a lot of new music you’re hearing in drum & bass and dubstep?
We are not really inspired by bass music at the moment at all to be honest; it feels more that it got stuck creativity wise and is running in circles, doing the same trick over and over again. We are grabbing our inspirations exclusively from completely different genres which might give you the chance to come up with something completely new and not only copying the genres heroes.

You guys started the year strong with the Between The Lines album. How do you feel about the final product now that you’ve had some distance from it?
Between The Lines worked out great; the project only started as a few remixes by our best mates in the scene, but as we got more and more remixes done we decided to go all the way to an album, and everyone involved smashed it on their works. We think that together with Cross The Line it’s a full and complete package or Camo & Krooked in 2011/2012.

I read you’ve started working on a new album. How’s that coming together?
The new album is going really well and it’s like half way done. We think every tune on it is better than everything we released so far or has a really unique vibe to it. Trying to excel yourself all the time is quite hard though, but we think it’s the only way to move forward.

You’ll be touring Australia over New Year’s. Anything in particular you’re looking forward to trying out on the dancefloors here?
We started to play our new album tunes in our sets and it’s always exciting how they get received. We had really good reactions so far in Europe so can’t wait to test them out in Australia.

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