Space Dimension Controller: “Pretty much the whole set will be unreleased album material”

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If you’ve wrapped your ears around the prodigious output of Jack Hamill, you should be glad to know a full Space Dimension Controller album is on the way. Before unleashing his opus on the world, though, Hamill is making his second visit to Australia – and this time he’s bringing the much-buzzed-about live set to Origin, Let Them Eat Cake and the Hold Tight! party in Sydney. Ahead of New Year’s, we put some questions to the studio whiz to see what galactic adventures he has planned for our dancefloors.

You’re probably growing tired of this question, but how is the album coming along? Do you get much free time to actually work on it?
It’s all finished now. It was seemingly in the bag around May and actually got mastered in the summer, but I decided to add a little bit more recently and now it’s mastered and ready to go.

What can you tell us about how the album is sounding? Are we going to be…surprised?
I think so, it’s much more vocal and much more conceptual than anything I’ve ever done before. There are some very “song-y” tracks too. Of course there are a few track that are similar to what I’m known for, but I really wanted to try other things for the most part.

You seem to enjoy switching back and forth between live sets and DJ gigs. Is there one ‘mode’ that gives you more satisfaction?
It’s not really intentional. It just depends on how the gigs are booked by my agent! I gave up live sets for nearly a year before they started up again in October. This is actually a lot more live than the sets were before though.

You’ve been doing some shows with the R&S Records crew around the world that have had killer line-ups (and, I imagine, killer vibes). Is there a special energy that happens when you all get together?
Yeah, we just have a lot of fun and share a similar sense of humour for the most part. Stupid in-jokes and other stuff. I would tend to play a different type of set when we’re together too as I feel like I can get away with it.

It looks like you had a busy summer, everything from dark and sweaty clubs to boat parties in Croatia. Were there any standout gigs where everything was just right?
The Moat at Dimensions in Croatia was amazing, and there was a really fun gig in Edinburgh in August. Hideout Festival as a whole was just great fun, though I got absolutely smashed before my set and it ended up a bit messy. There are so many other gigs that I just can’t remember at the moment.

When we talked to you before your 2012 tour of Australia, you had slow and steady plans for the Basic Rhythm label and parties. What’s the plan for the future of Basic Rhythm?
At the moment it’s mainly just a club night in Belfast. We didn’t do anything for the first birthday which was in January 2012, so we want to try and do something big for the second. Well, big for Belfast. As for the label, I’m working on getting the second release out.

So, what’s the plan for your live sets in Australia? Can we expect mostly unreleased material?
Yeah, pretty much the whole set is unreleased album material. It’s very strange playing tracks that people have never heard before, but it’s all the better a feeling when they go down well.

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