Mat Zo, Deadmau5 & more lead ‘EDM’ reality TV show backlash

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Doron Ofir Casting, based out of Hollywood, has found all your favourite TV personalities from shows like Jersey Shore, A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila and Paris Hilton’s My New B.F.F.. By the looks of things, the company’s next mission is casting Superstar DJ (that’s the working title), ‘The First Electronic Dance Music Reality/Competition Show’. As Doron Ofir himself is repeatedly broadcasting on Twitter, the new reality show isn’t being made by the production company behind Jersey Shore. It is, however, out to find ‘THE next ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC DJ/PRODUCER SUPERSTAR’. Excited yet?

The website includes a lengthy questionnaire for all aspiring participants, including such queries as, ‘What is the largest crowd you have performed for?’ and ‘Describe your performance style visually’. As expected, the internet has delivered its backlash, with big names like Porter Robinson and Mat Zo throwing their two-cents down on Twitter.

This isn’t the first ‘EDM’ reality TV pitch we’ve seen, though. In 2012, entertainment mogul Simon Cowell was reported to be bringing his own production house together with Overbrook Entertainment, the juggernaut headed by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, to create his own DJ talent search series. However, production apparently stalled due to a dispute about which party would have top billing. As short-lived as the plan was, at least it offered one entertaining moment: Steve Lawler’s spot-on parody trailer, The Dex Factor, which imagined Cowell and co. reacting to sets from Lawler, Carl Cox, Sven Vath and Richie Hawtin’s Plastikman, before settling on the novelty glasses-wearing, USB stick-wielding DJ Facebender.


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m_xt said on the 3rd Jan, 2013

Horrible electro house superstars ;lash out against horrible TV show concept.


DTrancer said on the 3rd Jan, 2013

fucken americans.. stick to making porn and leave the music to the professionals


lawlietskyy said on the 3rd Jan, 2013

I honestly hope this show is up, running & is a success, that way (hopefully) this whole 'EDM' movement can crash and burn as does all things that get too big.


Suspekt said on the 4th Jan, 2013

Hahahahahaha this is going to be hilarious... but at the same time do untold damage to electronic music. Not sure if I can take it with a grain of salt or not, but it certainly will be funny to watch. I hope it goes bust, the bigwigs realise the money has gone from this "EDM" stuff (what is that anyways) and they go back to leaving us be (not likely).


WLVRN said on the 4th Jan, 2013

hah, amusing to see so many dissing the idea when edm is already grovelling to the likes of such rich brat "mater, pater, may i be a dj this week, i'm bored, may i have an awards night for xmas" color in between the lines paint by numbers & "buy an (much better than themselves, ala sting, mcartney etc.) Ethnic friend" for "street cred" as skrillex, boooor-ing, anyway, the only Rockers in EDM are the Femmes, they still have HEARTBEATZ, not fkn "leggo-block"metro-gnomes.yet they still get fuckall Representation in "boys own" thugland. ie, how gay. it's like boys watching boys in tight football shorts whilst eating chocolate, grow tha fuck up & Support Goddesses such as Carly D & Jillian Ann, THEY Kick It.


dazza_b said on the 4th Jan, 2013

An elimination challenge should include a goog eating contest, I'll watch that episode for sure.


justbecause said on the 4th Jan, 2013

I hope this is spot on :violins:


Wowk said on the 6th Jan, 2013

Just submitted an application for lols.


SlicyDicer said on the 7th Jan, 2013

If those cunts hate it, it actually might be good.