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Enduring electronic music icon Sasha is always greeted by a hero’s welcome in Australia, and he’s set for a return this week. With the DJ playing extended sets in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne around the Australia Day weekend, he’s just been added to the Rainbow Serpent Festival line-up – a major addition if ever there was one.

After a nail-biting wait, yesterday the festival organisers announced RSF 2013 will go ahead after the Pyrenees Shire Council granted all necessary permits to operate the 16th annual Australia Day weekend event near Beaufort, Victoria. “We are very thankful to council and emergency services and thoroughly appreciate the extra time required of them to reconsider our permit application,” the statement read. “It’s been a tough week and our entire team are now working harder than ever to produce the most spectacular Rainbow Serpent in 16 years as thank you to our army of fans who gave nothing but support and encouragement when we needed it most.” As a thank you for the support of its fans, Rainbow Serpent announced they would be adding to the weekender “one of the world’s most eminent DJs who has been pivotal in the worldwide electronic music industry for over 25 years.” That promise was certainly delivered.

2012 was another year of highlights for Sasha: touring the world with his Never Say Never brand, captaining the Last Night On Earth label, working on the much-anticipated Involver3 and constantly fine-tuning those legendary sets. You can expect an epic session from him in the Victorian bush. Check out the updated set times here.


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bookafan said on the 22nd Jan, 2013

love to see how he uses Abelton to mix Hot Chip Flutes into Sphongle


anjunaman said on the 22nd Jan, 2013

Hell yeah! Hopefully we get some Invol3ver stuff!


lukemcenallay said on the 22nd Jan, 2013

He's stopped using ableton I'm pretty sure

d citizen

d citizen said on the 22nd Jan, 2013

Whats this festival becoming? I mean, sure it still is the best party in OZ, but the music is drifting further towards becoming a fully commercialized. Sure Sasha may be amazing but his music is still balls. Maybe Eclipse chewed up too much artist budget, or maybe kids should just be taking more LSD.....


chegoon said on the 23rd Jan, 2013

wow what an absolute wanker post ^

"oh man i've been going to doofs for ten years, who do these kids think they are coming here and doing what i did when i was their age..."


chan8330 said on the 24th Jan, 2013