Avicii on partying: "I ended up in hospital"

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Last year, superstar Swede Avicii gave inthemix a run-down of his current tour schedule: “I do about 300-plus shows a year,” the 23-year-old told us down the line from Las Vegas. “I think I’ll end up at like 320 shows this year. It’s definitely a strange lifestyle.” For 2013, though, Tim Bergling plans to slow the touring right down. Bar a trip out here for Future Music Festival in March and a quick jaunt to Europe, for the first half this year he’s hoping to stay put in the U.S. and turn out some new music.

When we got Bergling on the phone again earlier this month, we asked if it can be hard to avoid partying non-stop when you’re always on tour. He had a candid response. “It totally is,” he told inthemix. “I was so much more into that before, though. I was drinking a whole lot more and I was going to after-parties and just generally not being very professional. But my body just couldn’t take it and I ended up in the hospital at the beginning of last year – so, like a year ago. Really, because of drinking. Since then I’ve done a complete 180 and I’ve been taking it really easy. I’ll still have fun on occasion, but I have to pick my battles, I really do. I don’t know how some people do it when they party for years and years and years. I crashed.”

It seems the cause of the problem was a pretty relatable one: being a teenager. “I had shows every single day and I’m still young, but when I started touring I was like eighteen years old,” he continued. “So I was straight out of high school, like the same time I could go to clubs I started touring, so that’s a lot of excitement. It was a lot of excitement for me when I was eighteen so I really tried to take everything in.

“I wasn’t sure if it was going to last, I really tried to take advantage of it and I completely overdid it. I’m happy I did it then, and I’m happy I got that hospital visit now, ‘cause if not I probably would have still kept going and in a year or two years probably something way worse could have happened. Something that’s irreversible. This is not irreversible at all. It was just kind of a wake-up call.”

Capping off 2012 with the release of his Nicky Romero collaboration I Could Be The One on the LE7ELS label, Avicii was swiftly added to the Future Music Festival bill, headlining the ‘EDM’ arena. He’s in good company, too, with French boy wonder Madeon, fast-rising mainstage star Hardwell, Steve Aoki, Dizzee Rascal and more. Just this week, after passing three million ‘Likes’ on Facebook, a free download was made available on Avicii’s Soundcloud. The track, featuring vocalist Negin, is titled 3 Million (Your Love Is So Amazing), and you can add it to your collection below.



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mjm_fm said on the 1st Feb, 2013

Good he's made the 180. Life on the road would be crazy.


JackT said on the 1st Feb, 2013

Find that really interesting. I spoke to Above & Beyond about a similar thing, that after a certain number of shows a year, drinking really loses its appeal. There's this quote from Sven Vath in a 2001 article on inthemix: "Last time I was in Australia I got sick with too much partying, 'cause those Hardware guys are crazy. The doctor said, 'No drinking, no smoking or anything for six months.' I was like, 'What?' I was back to normal within two months." Ha! But I think now he takes six months off a year from partying, and does yoga and health retreats?

Errol Flynn

Errol Flynn said on the 1st Feb, 2013

rookie mistake that hospital visit, kids got to learn that its a marathon not a sprint.


lawlietskyy said on the 1st Feb, 2013

Serves him right, Hope its a permanent stay next time


DTrancer said on the 1st Feb, 2013

pffft, its not the drinking, its for being a tard for not testing his rave candy properly


SANDSLASH said on the 1st Feb, 2013




m_xt said on the 1st Feb, 2013

are we meant to feel bad for this tosser's lack of self control?
also lrn 2 harden up.


Plife_23 said on the 3rd Feb, 2013

Until this guy learns how to entertain a crowd don't really care what he does. LBL killed it at Stereo and then Avicii just totally ruined the vibe. the awkward piano hand and all, just a genuinely uninteresting dj. pretty happy hes on the FMF line up tho, looks like I'll only have to chose between Prodigy and Cosmic now


becy said on the 5th Feb, 2013

I don't even know who this is.


baseade said on the 7th Feb, 2013

'really because of drinking' yeah right....


a2thetack said on the 18th Feb, 2013

Don't come back please