Tomorrowland crosses the ocean in September for 'TomorrowWorld'

Image for Tomorrowland crosses the ocean in September for 'TomorrowWorld'

Following Saturday’s instant sellout of the upcoming next edition of Tomorrowland in Belgium, and the tantalising hint in January from the organisers that we could eventually see “a Tomorrowland on every continent,” today news has reached us that we will see the first stage of this expansion before the end of 2013. Though specific details currently remain scant, it has been confirmed that a new ‘TomorrowWorld’ event will take place across the 27th, 28th and 29th of September this year.

Manu & Michiel Beers, the Belgium brothers responsible for creating the Tomorrowland festival, have offered a few insights into their decision to take the brand across the ocean this year. “Having the chance to organize a Tomorrowland outside of Belgium is more exciting than anything we ever dreamed of when we started years ago as youngmusic lovers and entrepreneurs. This year it has become more and more of a reality. We see it as a fantastic and very unique opportunity; it will be an enormous challenge and a big step for our young, creative and vibrant team.”

The Beers brothers have declined to offer details on where TommorowWorld will take place, though they say they’re happy to offer an alternative to the punters from around the world who are dying for their own Tomorrowland experience. “We’ve found a beautiful location that feels like a second home, and it’s very similar to our fantastic terrain in Belgium. We will reveal all the details within the coming weeks.”

So where could TommorowWorld possibly take place? Start your speculation now.


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bigtobz said on the 18th Feb, 2013

Mysteryland has very successfully expanded over here to Chile. So maybe another South American location...Buenos Aires perhaps


djtoki said on the 18th Feb, 2013

Sadly this is likely to be the USA. The crowd will be the main issue now that "EDM" is basically mainstream over there.


bradj88 said on the 18th Feb, 2013

The "Beers Brother's" Coolest last name


Makkaaa said on the 18th Feb, 2013

Tomorrowland goes even more commercial?


antotran said on the 18th Feb, 2013

LOL lost it when Lawlietskyy said America.


Stocko12 said on the 19th Feb, 2013

this doesnt sit well with me. kills the prestige of the event somewhat.


Plife_23 said on the 19th Feb, 2013

Glastonbury, Coachella, Burning Man. Some of the most iconic festivals in the world. All only held once a year in the same place. Only UMF has really exapnded successfully (whats the go with the Aussie creamfields this year, for example ;) ), and even then, none of the other festivals are anywhere near the level of the original Miami one. Hate this move, really takes away from the mystique of Tomorrowland, pretty sure they dont need the extra money at all


Stocko12 said on the 19th Feb, 2013

^ I completley agree, I have missed out on tickets for 3 years now and am still disappointed to hear this.


whambulance said on the 19th Feb, 2013

i just hate it whenever anybody tries to do anything.


p1800pauly said on the 19th Feb, 2013

I hope the brothers keep it in Belgium for obvious reasons but, if they have decided to spread the love sort of speak Whistler would be as good a guess as any, Whistler did a great job of the 2010 Olympics and its very easy to get to for anyone in North America and also very easy to transport the site by boat there as well.....great sound capability, awesome scenery, accommodations all set to go for about 200,000 plus, drinking age is 19 for those slightly younger music lovers....It will never be the Tomorrowland event in Belgium but, I bet it would be a hell of a party...! Deadmau5 played there during the Olympics and I think the place is jumpin.


JackT said on the 19th Feb, 2013

whambulance wins the thread LOL!


thechunk said on the 19th Feb, 2013

Beer brothers from Belgium
that made me smile

I wonder where in US they are going
North east coast would be my pick


slinky87 said on the 20th Feb, 2013

Guessing from the bottle in the picture, i'd say somewhere with bottle service *wink* *wink*


Raveskater said on the 26th Feb, 2013

Would love it to be Australia but the reality is, for an event like Tomorrowland, it is too remote - so I would agree that the US seems the logical destination. As to the comment re Creamfields - The Australian version has been dire, even Above and Beyond got stiffed by Guettas management who knackered the sound system until Guetta was on and A&B were 3 or 4 slots before him !!! Future and Stereo rule !


scottyk82 said on the 27th Feb, 2013

South America. Eww grose.