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When it comes to Daft Punk, we’ve learnt to do our best with cryptic clues. On Tuesday 26 February, the duo’s Facebook page reignited with some rare activity. What little we have to work with seems to confirm the report in French newspaper Le Parisien that the new Daft Punk album has found a home with Sony subsidiary, Columbia. This image of the sleek helmets has been enough to incite a sharing spree amongst fans. We’ve also been delivered a reminder to keep our eyes peeled to daftpunk.com, which is not coping with the flood of traffic.

It’s been eight years since Daft Punk’s last studio album on EMI, Human After All. The duo’s fourth LP is set to be released in the European Spring – that being March, April or May. Le Parisien also noted that Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo was spotted in Paris at the launch of Kavinsky’s new album.

“All I can say is those guys are geniuses,” Chic frontman Nile Rodgers said of working with the duo. “To think that after all these years we’ve been trying to get together, they just show up at my apartment in New York City and the vibe between us is so powerful and so strong – it’s unbelievable. Spiritually and artistically, working with them was as good as anything I’ve ever done. It’s as great as being in the studio with Bowie, it’s as great as being with Bernard Edwards and it’s as great as the best stuff I’ve ever done with Duran or Madonna.”

ITM was front and centre at the IMS conference in Ibiza last year where legendary Italian producer Giorgio Moroder also revealed he’d been in the studio with the duo. Following their iconic set in the Sahara tent at Coachella 2006, the festival seemed to be the logical place for their live return in 2013 – but it was not to be. ITM recently went in-depth on Daft Punk’s iconic Alive 2007 tour, and its finale in Australia.



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xilliun said on the 26th Feb, 2013

inb4 ITM circle jerk


lawlietskyy said on the 26th Feb, 2013

My arm is not happy with me, it knows how much fapping it will subject to later today.


ravelikespastic said on the 26th Feb, 2013

Glastonbury :( I hope not because I missed out.

Nathan Explosion

Nathan Explosion said on the 26th Feb, 2013

my bets are on a one-off show at a big venue like Madison Square Garden. Then after around 6 months a big European festival run.


scottyk82 said on the 27th Feb, 2013

Madeon %u2714 @madeon

"New Daft Punk artwork is making me erupt with childish joy. Also i'm now releasing music on the same label as Daft Punk which is PRETTY COOL"

Yea, you One Direction and Susan Boyle. Killin' it. I guess he would be excited. New music to rip off and all.

The Seawolf

The Seawolf said on the 27th Feb, 2013

anyone want to take bets on how many stories ITM will squeeze out of the lead up to, release and tour around this album? I'm going for 25 in total, which is probably way off. Surely it's going to be much higher.

ravey davey

ravey davey said on the 1st Mar, 2013

I can't help it, I'm a sucker for DP hype.

Hurry up already!!


Morphee said on the 1st Mar, 2013

Neva heard of them. I listened on youtube and it didnt even sound like they compress and there was no drop. Rubbish.


turkman said on the 1st Mar, 2013

Madison Square Garden, a big venue? err Google tells me it fits 18k.


Warn-A-Brotha said on the 3rd Mar, 2013

Tomorrowland 2013 - Daft Punk


Weinertron said on the 4th Mar, 2013

Fuck can't everyone just shut up about Daft Punk already? I mean, fuck.

Dr Bones

Dr Bones said on the 11th Mar, 2013

The hapless bitching about ITM's Daft Punk love is becoming about as fucking irritating as ITM's Daft Punk love.

Seriously, the more articles focusing on Daft Punk, the less focusing on Deadmau5. That's a fucking win in my book.