Future Music Festival Sydney 2013 set times are in

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This weekend, Future Music Festival kicks off its 2013 tour. If you’ve got your ticket at the ready, you’ll already know that this year’s lineup is a massive one. The 2013 festival, which comes with a ‘Day of the Dead Set Awesome’ theme, has certainly stuffed a lot into the piñata. To cherrypick a few names? There’s untouchables The Prodigy in the headline spot, bringing their Warrior’s Dance Arena to Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Then, there’s the long-awaited Boys Noize booking, mainstage firepower Avicii and bass heads like Feed Me and Kill the Noise, not to mention the Cocoon Heroes arena led by Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin and co.

So with the big day rapidly approaching, Future have released the all-important set times. That gives Sydney festival-goers a good week and a half to figure out how their day will run, the tour reaching NSW next weekend. Before that, FMF kicks off in Brisbane this Saturday and moves onto Perth on Sunday, rolling onto the remaining cities next weekend. Brisbane FMF fans can head over here for their set times, while you can find Perth’s set times here, Melbourne’s here and Adelaide’s over here.

So how are they looking? As well as the obvious Cocoon Heroes lineup and The Prodigy’s Warriors Dance arena with Boys Noize and the bass contingent, there’s Hardwell, Steve Aoki, Dizzee Rascal and the inimitable PSY on the mainstage, Bloc Party, A-Trak, Ellie Goulding and more on the live stage, plus the Wake Your Mind arena led by Cosmic Gate. If you’ve left things late, tickets are still for sale through the Future website. Otherwise, dive into the set times below and start planning your big day.




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Erns1991 said on the 27th Feb, 2013

never thought i'd see the day an australian festival actually has my perfect set times


lawlietskyy said on the 27th Feb, 2013

Ben Gold, Super8 & Tab BEFORE that poof-f*ckwit tydi and even worse the mega trouse due of W&W ... the fk ?


jessicaanime said on the 27th Feb, 2013

Dimitri Vegas @ 1pm , and only playing for 45mins? wow disgusting
Cosmic gate clashing with Hardwell? pathetic

disgusting settime


kool_kimbo said on the 27th Feb, 2013

I love how everyone was going absolute skitzo about the apparent "clashes" between stages. Yet I only have to go to one stage all day to be happy haha. Can't wait!


ether1988 said on the 27th Feb, 2013

Psy only getting half an hour?

Ticket for sale right here!


fullymad said on the 27th Feb, 2013

55 minutes for azealia banks...that's game of them


Rachelcourtney said on the 27th Feb, 2013

Can't believe the best three acts are all on at the same time on different stages. I'm so disappointed and I'm sure a lot of other people will be too. Please please please change it so they're not all on at the same time :(


Chemo said on the 28th Feb, 2013

That's the first time for a while that I'm actually quite happy with those set times. Will be a lot of running around but at least I won't be missing too much. Of course, you can't get ALL acts in that you'd like to see but that's to be expected. Really looking forward to this now!


josh_goods said on the 28th Feb, 2013

can anyone make good sense of the map? it looks like they're not using the hall this year. I drove past it today and couldn't even see the hall tbh. that was THE best part of future :(


Shayno89 said on the 1st Mar, 2013

^ Yeah, it confused the hell out of me too..


Shayno89 said on the 1st Mar, 2013

^ Yeah, confused the hell out of me too

Lachlan Cole

Lachlan Cole said on the 1st Mar, 2013

Madeon, Kill The Noise and Feed Me don't clash, so I am happy. Although acts like Nervo and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike being on so early is a bit of a disgrace, this festival needs multiple days to fit in all the big names later in the day!!


Joe-Trojan said on the 4th Mar, 2013

wtf no vip grandstand for the warriors dance arena? No choice but to slum it in the mosh. Oh well.


lawlietskyy said on the 5th Mar, 2013

@jessicaanime - You are a moron.


quadrant6 said on the 9th Mar, 2013

First time @ Future, am I right that all stages are outdoors? including cocoon heroes?