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This morning and Chris Brown posted their latest collaboration, an EDM-inspired track, Let’s Go. It features a characteristically cheesy rap from the Black Eyed Peas frontman and heavily Autotuned vocal by Brown. The track is designed for the dancefloor and pop charts alike – and it blatantly rips off Arty and Mat Zo’s 2011 track Rebound.

This isn’t the first time Brown has been involved with lifting a dance music artist’s music. His 2010 tune Yeah 3x mimics Calvin Harris’ 2009 single I’m Not Alone so much that some fans thought Harris was involved with the tune. He wasn’t, and the DJ shared some choice words for Brown via Twitter at the time. Case in point: “Stealing is still stealing, doesn’t matter who you are…because Chris Brown is an international celebrity doesn’t make it OK to rip off a guy from UK not many people have heard of.” This time ‘round, Brown has taken to Twitter to defend himself. “I don’t even know who mat zo Or arty is?” he posted in a since-deleted tweet (the screenshot lives on below). “I ain’t got shit to do wit if ur mad or not. Someone asked for a feature on a record and I did it.”

Similarly, is also no stranger to plagiarism claims, having been accused of stealing from a long list of artists, including Deadmau5, Boys Noize, Daft Punk and even Adam Freeland. Reps for Zo and Arty confirm that they are not at all involved with Let’s Go and nobody from their label, Anjunabeats, has been asked permission for the use of Rebound – either as an interpolation, sample, or remix. The artists are considering a formal response.

UPDATE: Keeping a cool head about the situation, Mat Zo has taken to his Facebook to school some over-zealous fans who’ve taken things too far. “I really and truly appreciate all the support you are giving me and Arty in response to Will I Am’s copyright infringement,” he wrote. “However, this doesn’t excuse the horrific abuse you’re sending the way of Will I Am and Chris Brown, and it especially doesn’t excuse being racist.”


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Ben Royal

Ben Royal said on the 16th Apr, 2013

Aren't their copyright laws to stop this happening? Surely the original artist would be looking for a big chunk of compensation where someone more famous blatantly rips them off?!


ezy1000 said on the 16th Apr, 2013

how at any point can they possibly think, "yeah this is ok we can do this"?


412nv said on the 17th Apr, 2013

Will.i.ams thought process, "browsing beatport/soundcloud or youtube, ahh nobody would of heard of these guys, ill rip that song hahaha. oh Sh.........


Rocky808 said on the 17th Apr, 2013

Is that access virus TI in the background? Can I have that considering he only knows how to use sampler and pitch fader?

Jehovahs Fitness

Jehovahs Fitness said on the 17th Apr, 2013

Consider this todays daily reminder that Chris Brown is a piece of shit.

Giddy Heinz

Giddy Heinz said on the 17th Apr, 2013

They both probably got their shitty samples from vengence


SANDSLASH said on the 17th Apr, 2013

When you hold me, I%u2019m alive
We%u2019re like diamonds in the sky

I knew that we%u2019d become one right away
Oh, right away

At first sight I felt the energy of sun rays
And then i saw that woman beater in your eyes


DTrancer said on the 17th Apr, 2013

when derros get rich and famous..


Wowk said on the 17th Apr, 2013

I'm the first person to rip into and Chris Brown, but honestly, I don't think those tracks are all that alike. Sounds like they just used the same preset. That in itself is lame because it shows lack of creativity, but it's not a direct rip-off IMO.


walkdogz said on the 17th Apr, 2013

melody is exactly the same from the instant it starts


khas said on the 17th Apr, 2013

Wowk, dude, c'mon. Listen again to the break in Rebound and listen to every part of this steaming pile of dog turds called Let's Go. When it's not trying to be Dutch hau5 it IS Rebound...


ravelikespastic said on the 18th Apr, 2013

I read about this last night because I must have missed the article on here, I listened to the track thinking "oh there might be a slight sample theyve stolen" but no, how ridiculous.


rancho said on the 19th Apr, 2013

that's the biggest piece of shit ive ever heard.


kevinth said on the 22nd Apr, 2013

I would have to %100 w/ what Jehovahs Fitness wrote....!!!