DJ Sneak on Seth Troxler: "I'm tired of these ketamine hype DJs"

Image for DJ Sneak on Seth Troxler: "I'm tired of these ketamine hype DJs"

It’s well documented by now that DJ Sneak is partial to a “who’s the real-est?” brawl. When he’s not in the studio (currently making “Latin influenced house music” with The Martinez Brothers), DJing around the world or hawking ‘I’m A House Gangster’ merch, the Chi-Town kingpin likes to call people out for crimes against four-four. While the stadium-filling Swedish House Mafia seemed like an obvious target, now Sneak’s turned to one of the DJs he actually brushes shoulders with around Ibiza at parties like Circo Loco: Visionquest main man Seth Troxler.

If you’re the type to rail against of-the-moment, k-hole house, Sneak’s right there with you. “Tired of these ketamine hype DJs with chips on their shoulders,” he told his followers after getting in a back-and-forth with Troxler, who had opened the volley.

“I’m a foundation,” he fired at Troxler. “You’re a trend soon to be forgotten by a new one coming. I am not hating but if imma be called out you better come to work, not do ketamine.” According to the always-vocal House Gangster, “Suck Troxler” has only made three tracks, versus Sneak’s “4000 and counting”. In Troxler’s opinion, he “runs circles” around Sneak on the decks. So, just a regular day in the school-yard.

Speaking to inthemix during Swedish House Mafia’s final tour, Sebastian Ingrosso was still mystified at their beef. “To be honest with you, [Sneak] is a smart man,” he said. “He just went on us because he gained around 6,900 followers in one week. So that was just a marketing thing. It was a great marketing plan from his side, I must give him that. But I think that he is a fucking douchebag, also. I’m sorry if we made a hit! What should we do? We just make music for what we feel, that’s why SHM became big in the first place.”


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brenly said on the 26th Apr, 2013

"k-hole house".. Haha. Such a good description.


lawlietskyy said on the 26th Apr, 2013

"Im a foundation" ... physically ?


wheelo007 said on the 26th Apr, 2013

Looks like a good old case of someone getting F'd in the A.
Can we settle this with a 'mix-off' in a boxing ring? Winner takes bragging rights, nobody watches (because nobody actually cares), loser has to eat a hot bowl of icecream.

Errol Flynn

Errol Flynn said on the 28th Apr, 2013

Sneaks rants are getting tiresome, i hope him and Tenaglia dont go at, itd be a bitch fight for the ages.


rancho said on the 29th Apr, 2013

chips on their shoulders? pot, meet kettle.


ABitPatchy said on the 30th Apr, 2013

Sneak ate all the pies


Dubz said on the 2nd May, 2013

What the fuck is K-Hole house??