It's official: Boards of Canada announce new album

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It’s been a long time between drinks – eight years, in fact – but today electronic legends Boards of Canada have announced a new album. Tomorrow’s Harvest will be the duo’s fourth together and the first since 2005’s The Campfire Headphase. The Scottish brothers, Mike and Marcus Sandison, broke when their debut Music Has The Right To Children hit the right note with critics and the public alike. The release of record number four marks 15 years since that seminal debut.

The announcement hasn’t come easy, though. On Record Store Day, the duo started a cryptic hunt for a password to unlock this website. After a number of clues via websites, YouTube and their record company Warp, the 36-digit sequence to get you into the site was revealed to be 699742628315717228936557813386519225. We really should’ve guessed that one. For the effort, fans have been rewarded with a tracklist, cover and release date. That date is June 10 and the album will feature a meaty seventeen tracks. No word yet on when we’ll get the first taste.

‘Tomorrow’s Harvest’ tracklisting:

01. Gemini
02. Reach For The Dead
03. White Cyclosa
04. Jacquard Causeway
05. Telepath
06. Cold Earth
07. Transmisiones Ferox
08. Sick Times
09. Collapse
10. Palace Posy
11. Split Your Infinities
12. Uritual
13. Nothing Is Real
14. Sundown
15. New Seeds
16. Come To Dust
17. Semena Mertvykh