Man dies at Sydney's Defqon.1

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A 23-year-old man has died at yesterday’s Defqon.1 festival, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. The Victorian man was taken to an on-site medical tent just before midday following a suspected drug overdose, where his condition deteriorated and he suffered multiple seizures. Tragically, he was pronounced dead at Sydney’s Nepean Hospital last night.

Of the 18,000 punters who attended the annual hard dance extravaganza, 87 were arrested at the festival and 14 were hospitalised after suffering drug overdoses. Before the festival got underway, Q-dance urged attendees to have a safe Defqon.1 experience. “This festival is produced to give everyone a positive and safe experience,” promoters stated on their website. “Q‐dance maintains a zero tolerance drug policy. There will be a strong police presence at the event”. inthemix has contacted the promoters for comment.

Defqon.1 has been lighting up Sydney for one marathon day each year since 2009, earning glowing reviews from inthemix reporters along the way. While the line-up leads, it’s the scale, no-expense-spared production and attention to detail that keeps pulling punters back. On Saturday, Defqon.1 catered to hard dance fans over seven stages, with the Q-dance staples of hardcore and hardstyle taking over the Red, Blue and Black stages, hard and tech trance at the Orange stage, a diverse selection of local talent at the Purple stage, minimal, techno and psytrance on the Green stage and heavy dubstep at the Magenta stage.


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Sexy_Simo said on the 15th Sep, 2013

The story is slightly wrong. Camping at Defqon.1 Australia has been done before (last 3 years if I remember properly). So it wasn't the first time since 2009.

Do people really need drugs to enjoy Defqon.1... Seriously??? I didn't even have alcohol and I had the time of my life!


dazza_b said on the 15th Sep, 2013

Before midday? People need to ditch the go hard or go home attitude, pace yourselves, look after your mates and be safe.


Derelict said on the 15th Sep, 2013

Yeah sad news indeed. We always seem to gamble with our lives every time we do stuff. It's amazing that it doesn't happen more often.

The news sites really need to look at their awful journalism though.


silverspoon said on the 15th Sep, 2013

If people stopped going too hard on shit drugs then the media outlets wouldn't get the chance.

special ed

special ed said on the 15th Sep, 2013

so this guy has overdosed before the party has even started? as tragic as it is, i have to wonder at the stupidity of some people


CircusMidget said on the 15th Sep, 2013

it's clearly a doomsday cult


Ruthykins said on the 15th Sep, 2013

Very sad news. Made even more sad by the fact this kids obviously didn't understand what he was doing and how to take care of himself.


taza said on the 15th Sep, 2013

Is there any chance he could have swallowed his whole stash due to intimidation from police and sniffing dogs?

Open Up

Open Up said on the 15th Sep, 2013

More reason to decriminalise all drugs - move it out of a legal issue into asocial and health issue and provide education to those who are using. People use drugs - the war on it is lost. Let's look at the $ behind the demand and simply get real at being progressive and managing this problem. Here is a simple stat from this - $$ spent by Australians on fashion and clothes 2.5 billion, $$ spent on print media ( books, mags, papers) 3.5 billion, estimated $$ spent on (the demand) for illicit substances is over $7 billion. People know what they want - lets be real and capture this cost. Control, tax, education - let the youth help each other, they are clever people waiting to be leaders of their own peers!!!


silverspoon said on the 15th Sep, 2013

Don't preach to us, go convince the Premier.


jurgenoldraver said on the 15th Sep, 2013

its obvious this overdose became reality for the simple fact that "Q%u2010dance maintains a zero tolerance drug policy. There will be a strong police presence at the event%u201D
police is the main reason that people take all their drugs before the event, once they are scared of getting a life time police record

Nuke from orbit

Nuke from orbit said on the 15th Sep, 2013

Maybe if instead of arresting everyone that came through with drugs confiscation and refusal of entry would be a better option (except maybe in the case where it's obvious the by amount of shit they're bringing in that they're going to be selling it).

Doubt anybody is going to swallow all their drugs when the worst that can happen is they lose them and go home for a day. The police have already stated there is nothing they can do to stop it so why keep trying?


lawlietskyy said on the 15th Sep, 2013

This is why you just drink, f*cking cheapskates wanting to save money and take pills.


KRiSTEEmau5 said on the 15th Sep, 2013

People should stop pushing their limits or relying on drugs that much that they purchase from randoms not knowing exactly what they're getting themselves into. Such a tradgedy but maybe this might wake people up... We all have limits.


Ruthykins said on the 16th Sep, 2013

I don't think any of us are in a position, nor have the right to, judge each other on our choice of mind-altering substance use.


baseade said on the 17th Sep, 2013

I was given something at Metro last year which made me feel less than easy. Never touched anything since then - some proper dodgy stuff on these shores. My advice, if you want to do it, go to Ibiza. At least its clean cut stuff there. There is nothing that will harm tourism more than a death. I digress, RIP young man. Before midday can only mean he wanted to get rid of his stiff before the old bill searched him.


Lukekay said on the 17th Sep, 2013

Saw the poor guy as he was being escorted out of the event at arround 11:30, mind you the event opens at 11. 10 minutes later a friend and myself were getting sunscreen at the medical tent, where he was being rushed to, sad news :(


matzta73 said on the 17th Sep, 2013

There is one thing everyone has missed here in the comments.


Be organised and test your gear before you take anything!!!!

Plain and simple

Go To Girl

Go To Girl said on the 18th Sep, 2013

That's so sad...agreed that it's amazing it doesn't happen more often...

mr flauge

mr flauge said on the 18th Sep, 2013

The reason it doesn't happen very often is because drugs aren't nearly as dangerous as they are made out to be. Its what you do when you are the drugs that then can start to become dangerous. Fore example not sleeping for 2 days, not eating or drinking any water for 2 days, and then taking a large dose. Its not the drugs that kill you there, its your body being in such a weak and inoperable state that it can't deal with the substances being introduced into your body that far into a bender.