Sydney's lockout laws have just been passed...and they start this weekend

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UPDATE: It’s been confirmed this morning that the Sydney lockouts will not be enforced until the “end of April”, while the “one-punch” laws will be in place this weekend. More here.

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell’s plan to rush his new restrictions on late night trading through parliament has succeeded. The legislation – which was only announced last week and will enforce 1.30am lockouts and 3am ‘last drinks’ in the CBD and Kings Cross precinct, as well as 10pm closing times for bottle shops and mandatory minimum sentencing for assaults under the influence of drugs and alcohol – was successfully passed tonight, has reported.

The new laws will “make our streets safer,” said Premier O’Farrell. Greens and independent MP Alex Greenwich, who opposed the bill, said he was given a briefing from the government on their legislation an hour before the lock-out and mandatory sentencing bills were introduced. “Normal parliamentary process was abandoned to prevent scrutiny of the legislation and time for debate,” Greenwich said. However, the bill was passed with the support of the Opposition. reports that the new laws “are set to be enforced this weekend in Sydney”; no details have been revealed yet as to whether it will be a blanket ban on late trading in the defined CBD precinct (see below map).

The Sydney Late Night Culture Alliance has started a campaign to oppose the new laws; inthemix is hosting a Community Forum at the Metro Theatre next Monday February 3 to allow stakeholders to have their say.

inthemix Community Forum: Are lockouts the answer?

Monday February 3 from 6pm-8pm – Metro Theatre, George St, Sydney
RSVP essential – click here.

Lockouts: The Affected Areas


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katiecunningham said on the 30th Jan, 2014

This fucking blows. Like, wow.


TomWH said on the 30th Jan, 2014

Well, that escalated quickly....kind of like O'Farrell's coward punched the entire Sydney.


Mal_X_mas_03 said on the 30th Jan, 2014

i think its a fkn joke... Surely it wont last though...


t33kay said on the 30th Jan, 2014

does this mean the end for early morning wake-ups then to Spice?


dylanlindgren said on the 30th Jan, 2014

Funny that both The Star and the new Barangaroo area (where Packer's new casino will apparently be) are exempt. Why? Follow the money...


prolix said on the 30th Jan, 2014

Please read, sign & share if you agree!


tonedoggy said on the 30th Jan, 2014

There are no other news source except for that one link you provided and a few other music news pages - citing that link as well, which i find odd. And absolutly no mention of it by reporters/news networks on social media and TV...


bandfan said on the 30th Jan, 2014

All alcohol lockouts do is put a bunch of people out on the street with nowhere to go, so alot of the bored losers sit around and start fights for the people who just want to go home, it makes the issues worse not better

how about putting in more ID scanners in these places, they put these in a few pubs in brisbane and low and behold violence went way down, these losers who do this sort of thing do it because they think they can get away with it, not because they get locked out pubs.


fibo86 said on the 30th Jan, 2014

What makes me laugh the most is they are using Newcastle as an example but where do the "authorities" think all of the novacastrians go? Sydney for the weekend. Why so many people running around at 2-3am no fuckin' public transport, only taxis if you are lucky enough to get one if you wanna go home at that time. Why are we faced with the shit that others want to sling? How is this looking after all. The attacks on a few of the victoms happened before or around 10pm how is a 1am lock out going to make the difference. They are so worried about being everywhere why don't we do the British thing and have cctv everywhere on the streets? No instead they wanna piss money up the wall spend it on advertising for the new lock outs, roll out a new RSA law of some discription to make it someone else's fault that some people act like total dicks.
This government is like any other sheep!


dkNigs said on the 30th Jan, 2014

Absobloodylutely fantastic. Have my bucks in Sydney this weekend. Should of taken our tourist dollars elsewhere.


pomrocks said on the 30th Jan, 2014

so much misinformation......has anyone actually received notification from the AHA or OLGR?


mliro said on the 30th Jan, 2014

what time can you start serving alcohol again? will recovery joints still be able to make a living?


nickhallissy said on the 31st Jan, 2014

to the person who commented about barangaroo and the star. those casinos have such high levels of security nothing really happens anyways. compared to the cross where every security guard is on a fucking power trip.