'Skitzmix 13' CD Launch

Image for 'Skitzmix 13' CD Launch

Hi NRG dance legend Nick Skitz returns to his Gold Coast home for the launch of the latest release of his widely recognised compilation series…Skitzmix Volume 13.

For those of you that aren’t in the know about Nick Skitz, he is one of Australia’s most recognised and sought after NRG DJ’s. Beginning his phenomenal career in the early 90’s, Nick has undoubtedly created an era of Hi NRG, and Euro dance music in Australia. His trademark remixes, megamixes and his own tracks have made him a household name amongst clubbers. Nick is credited with starting the megamix craze in this country and has compiled and mixed numerous mix albums, including the successful Central Energy series and his own Skitzmix series (the highest selling DJ compilation in Australia and Aria Compilation Chart topper).

Skitzarmy fans prepare yourselves for yet another night of pure energy and hands in the air action. Nick will be joined by Fever residents Tran-C, Tim Deans and Karma with DJ’s Day-V and Luke in Fame this Sunday at Fever on the Gold Coast.


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