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Korn: "We were dubstep before there was dubstep"

Are you gagging to hear Korn’s new dubstep album, The Path of Totality? You’re not? Well, it seems the nu-metal group thinks you should be – as if we just couldn’t wait until Monday when the album is released, Korn has posted a seven minute preview of the forthcoming record online.

This comes a few days after frontman Jonathan Davis threw sanity to the wind and announced that his band were “dubstep before there was dubstep”. Remember, Davis has previously stated “I’ve been a fan of dubstep since I started listening to it in 2009”. Um?

But if you’re sick of hearing about this musical blasphemy, seems you’re not alone. One of the guys who actually invented dubstep, Skream, posted on his Facebook “To everyone constantly sending me messages regarding Korn saying they invented Dubstep, my answer is…..... I dont care!!!!! Everyone needs to stop playing into the media’s hands!”

If, for whatever reason, you feel compelled to listen to the preview, we’ve chucked it in below. But be warned: what is heard cannot be unheard.

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joshforrest said on the 10th Dec, 2011

the search for relevance continues.......


LunarCat said on the 13th Dec, 2011

Where's a facepalm when you need one...

I don't know what to make of this recent Korn-dubstep mania. I guess that Davis is trying to score some easy attention in the media, but with these consecutive and utterly lol-astic statements, he only comes across as a sad try-hard. :meh:


katiecunningham said on the 13th Dec, 2011

^ Yep, it all definitely reeks of desperately grasping for relevance/attention. I guess we shouldn't play into his hands by reporting on it...but it's just so funny.


LunarCat said on the 13th Dec, 2011

Oh, I agree with you posting it. I mean, other websites will talk about it anyway, so why wouldn't we have a corner to giggle as well? ;D

The tension is rising... what will he say next? lol


DnBHed said on the 11th Jan, 2012

He didnt actually say it first. When Davis approached one of the producers and asked if the collaboration would work, I believe it was Datsik who said "Of course it will work, Korn was dubstep before there was dubstep." So Davis, took it and ran with it, figuratively speaking. Korn's original sound was downtuned 7 string guitars and 5 string bass for the lowest possible tones on guitars. True story.