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Listen: Tiesto remixes Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used To Know'

When Gotye’s 2011 single Somebody That I Used to Know went gangbusters and soared to the #1 position in charts worldwide, it didn’t take long for the hit to get the inevitable remix treatment…several times over. The latest producer to have a go? Tiesto.

The Dutchman has taken Gotye and Kimbra’s tip-toeing, xylophone-infused and emotionally-raw track and turned it into a typically-Tiesto club banger. To give you an idea of just how high-energy the remix is, it’s destined for inclusion on the forthcoming Club Life: Volume Two Miami.

Tiesto’s remix is available to buy on Beatport, though you can check out a preview of the track below. For reference, we’ve also embedded Gotye and Kimbra’s recent Saturday Night Live performance of the original track – quite the contrast.

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DJaz_11 said on the 17th Apr, 2012

Slop Rock Remix or None


Weinertron said on the 17th Apr, 2012

I fucking hate this song. Thank you Tiesto for giving me a reason to hate it even more


ProjectwJs said on the 17th Apr, 2012

Sure this isnt a SHM remix -.-


Pendulum said on the 22nd Apr, 2012

Pretty woeful mix from Tiesto. Aren't these the same stabs pretty much every producer is using at the moment. They're getting very old very fast.


shelleriffic said on the 23rd Apr, 2012

It's pretty fucking shit. Sounds like all the other crap he does now days. Borrrrrrrrrrrring.