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The Avalanches release new mix

In the twelve years on from the release of The Avalanches debut album Since I Left You, we’ve been told that the group’s long-awaited second release is “finished” by Modular boss Steve Pavlovic, endured dubious rumours surrounding Ariel Pink’s involvement and been promised that the album is “definitely” coming this year. But still, the “ever-mythical” (and that’s the official Modular line) second album is yet to materialise.

However, the Melbourne crew has released something new over the weekend. On their Twitter, the group posted a link to a mix that “may or may not be mixtape by ♥ ∆v∆L∆NCH∑≤ ♥.” According to Pitchfork, the site hosting the mix was created by Frontier Psychiatrist video director Tom Kuntz, and though credited to (Charles Bukowski character) Henry Chinaski, definitely sounds like The Avalanches. Modular have denied any knowledge of the mix.

You can listen to and download the mix, titled Sleepy Bedtime Mix for Young Ones at Pinchy & Friends.

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