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Nicolas Jaar delivers BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

There was plenty of buzz around these parts when word came that New York’s Nicolas Jaar would be joining the ranks of Pete Tong’s prestigious Essential Mix alumni. Now after a slight delay in the airing date of the two-hour session, Jaar’s Radio 1 Essential mix finally dropped over the weekend.

Predictably, it’s fine work. Inclusions on the mix come from Jaar’s own album Space Is Only Noise, the likes of Aphex Twin and Pearson Sound alongside less-expected names like Beyonce and even *NSYNC (yes, the 90s Justin Timberlake-led boy band). “I’ve watched Jurassic Park twice in my life – once when I was six and the second time a couple of weeks ago”, the 22-year old explained. “It inspired me to think about how gaps in time change our way of perceiving”.

The mix is available for streaming on the BBC website for the next five days – we’d strongly advise tuning in.

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