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James Blake announces new release under Harmonimix alias

As well as working under his given name, James Blake occasionally produces under the moniker Harmonimix. After dropping a string of R&B-focussed remixes as Harmonimix from February last year, Blake has now announced that he’ll be releasing the first official Harmonimix single later in 2012.

Under the alias, Blake is releasing the track Confidence Boost, a rework of British MC Trim’s original track which has been floating around the net for a while now, along with the B-side On The Road which again features Trim. The single is due out on R&S Records in September.

Blake has previously remixed Destiny’s Child, Lil Wayne and D’Angelo under the Harmonimix moniker. Of course, this all comes after Blake famously decried remixes as “like musical prostitution” back in 2011…but hey, whatever. You can list to Confidence Boost and On The Road below.

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