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Watch: The first look at Scuba's live show

Earlier this year, Hotflush boss Scuba announced he was prepping his first ever live show. Now, six-odd weeks out from his New Year’s trip to Australia for Summadayze, Summafieldayze and Field Day, the Brit’s given us the first look at the new show. The two-minute peep into Scuba: Live was uploaded to YouTube a few days ago and predictably, it’s looking pretty sexy. Check it out below.

“I’ve experimented a bit with playing live in the past, but in a very low-key way which mainly consisted of working out different ways of approaching it and trying to work out how to incorporate thinking about live into my writing process,” Scuba told The Independent about the new live set-up. “We started planning this show about six months ago and it’s been quite a lot of work getting it together but it’s looking like the results are going to be great. The last thing I wanted was to get involved in this whole cliche of the EDM-live visual arms race though. The focus of the show is very much the music and the visual elements are there to add emphasis and atmosphere to the whole thing.”

“I want people to dance. The idea of having a bunch of people stood in a room with their arms crossed listening to techno and watching some flashing lights and stuff appearing on screens doesn’t appeal to me at all.”

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