The Stafford Brothers gear up for season two of reality TV

It came as no surprise to anyone that talk got rather spirited on inthemix when back in 2010 The Stafford Brothers announced plans for a reality show about their lives as touring DJs. Well, after a successful first season (that no doubt helped the guys edge out the competition in the 2011 inthemix awards), The Stafford Brothers is back for another run on Fox8, starting Friday 27 January 2012. Tagline: “This time it’s personal”.

While in interviews you’ll find the brothers to be a laconic, laidback pair, the press notes for season two of their show really amp up the soap-operatics. “As their nightclub and music empire continue to expand, drama and chaos consume their personal lives,” it breathlessly reads, “leaving mayhem to ensue as Australia’s most popular DJs continue to work hard and play even harder.”

We don’t think we could paraphrase the season synopsis better than the genuine article, either, so here it is in full: “This year Chris Stafford, the younger of the two brothers is under immense pressure to produce a number #1 track. Matt’s infamous and unorthodox relationships with Australia’s #1 Bikini Model Brooke, is under more pressure than ever when Brooke re-locates to Sydney to pursue a journalism and modelling career, while also performing and touring as a female DJ herself, under the love/hate guidance of her DJ mentor and new boss, Joey. Series 2 will also bring viewers deep into the life of Joey, the Stafford Brothers’ uncompromising manager and nightclub owner.”

So…will you be tuning in? While we do our darndest to find a season two trailer, but in the meantime here’s what happened last time.