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geoffbrecker said on the 21st Oct, 2010

Love these guys! I saw them live in South Africa years ago when they were still Max Normal.


Bumpy said on the 21st Oct, 2010

This is why you don't take drugs kids.


SickaFish said on the 22nd Oct, 2010

Its so a piss take.....


Pendulum said on the 23rd Oct, 2010

Can someone please excuse my ignorance and confirm with me wether this is REALLY what they are like or if this is totally irreverent self-depricating humour?


rafe said on the 23rd Oct, 2010

yep i confrim it's a piss take. proof - check out their wiki, and the lead singers wiki... Watkin Tudor Jones (born 8 October 1974), currently known by his stage name Ninja, is a South African rapper, record producer, and satirist. Previously, he has recorded under a guise of different names, Max Normal and MC Totally Rad being some of the most prominent.So yeh, he's a serial character performer. Like Borat.


Chillin said on the 23rd Oct, 2010

Listen to their lyrics close enough and you'll pick up some hints that they're taking the piss. Absolutely love them though, can't believe I actually like just listening to their music now too haha


Pete_Thong said on the 28th Oct, 2010

i dont know.. there real tatts.. long way to go to play a character. He's no borat


m_xt said on the 29th Oct, 2010

he describes himself as a kinda clark kent, although he doesnt get to take his 'fokken' superman costume off, lol