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daverh said on the 14th Mar, 2012

That placement could certainly have been done more thoughtfully but it's a reality in 2012 that music videos with this kind of production aesthetic rely on sponsorship.


JackT said on the 14th Mar, 2012

Agreed. I didn't realise the Absolut connection until the end though having not read anything, so was pretty funny.


Junior said on the 14th Mar, 2012

Pretty sure they were drinking Belvedere at the House Party the other night.


bigstrauss said on the 14th Mar, 2012

all alcohol aside, what a bad video


Oli-G said on the 14th Mar, 2012

Is this an ad or an article? (for their new video clip)

;) :P hehehe


tongaface said on the 14th Mar, 2012

Rip off a Hans Zimmer song then don't credit him? Not cool!

Audible bootleg is about 1000% times better than this anyway

DJ KnightSA

DJ KnightSA said on the 18th Mar, 2012

Why is the final shot the one everyone is getting upset about?
There's an almost subliminal one at 3:03.
Not to mention the equally gratuitous 0:35 one.
Film student in me says this is an advert.
That said, it's an advertisement for both SHM and the booze.