Out of Focus (OOF) present Efdemin, March 31st

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  • Claire Morgan
  • Bryce Lawrence
  • Louis McCoy
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Since literally flaring into EDM spotlight in 2007 with his self titled album, Australia has waited patiently for the day that Efdemin would caress our shores with his unique take on all things deep house and techno. Alas, that day has come. His work immediately emanates an individual style; an eclectic mix of murky harmonies, distorted clinks or bells and throbbing baselines, yet it is not an easy task to pigeonhole his sonic self into a single category. Phillip spans a cosmos of expressions from the intoxicating euphoria of “Le Ratafia”, the beat-less jazz infused sounds of “Oh My God”, to the down right dope slingin’ “Just A Track”.

Renowned for some of the most electrifying sets over the last half decade, it is with enormous excitement that we present the long overdue Australian debut of Efdemin, alongside Claire Morgan, Bryce Lawrence, Louis McCoy, Wael Najm, Glyn Hill, Toby Mackisack.

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Running times

  • Starts: 10:00 pm


  • Over 18's only


  • $15.00 - $30.00