Techno Mulisha 5th Birthday feat Chris Liberator and Sterling Moss 100% Live Fri 4th May @ The Liberty Social

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For half a decade now Tekno Mulisha have been bringing you some of the best underground techno events Melbourne has to offer and this one will be no exception as we bring you the Australian leg of the Stay Up Forever 100 Tour to help celebrate their 100th release mileston…e..
For the Oz leg of the tour we’ll be bringing you 2 of the UK’s most prolific acid techno producers Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss to unleash there 100% live set that has been destroying dance floors all across Europe, UK and beyond..

Alongside Chris and Sterling will be some of Melbourne’s heavy hitters and TM regulars in the hard techno / acid techno genre bringing you their usual style of bang up tekno for punks.. whilst others claim to be bringing techno back the truth is it’s always been here you just have to dig a little deeper…
Add to this joining forces with TM are our usual allies Destroy Ordinary who’ll be bringing their trademark style of brain wobbling Drum & Bass on a second stage



Running times

  • Starts: 10:00 pm


  • Over 18's only


  • $25.00

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