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Get ya selves ready for a nite like no other!!!
Twill be hot, twill be sexy, twill be dirty and very nasty, and oh oh, twill be Pimpin’!!
That’s right, the pimps & hoes are back. This time, with a twist. After the inaugural Kandy Mansion of 2011, the outfits were sexy, the tunes were dirty, and the Pimpin was naughty. But this time with new boyz ‘Global Rezidence’ to help present, we’re bringing a different flavour to the stage! Tough, dirty, tech-house, laced with electro & tough techno.
We’ve enlisted penthouse queens and bad boy street hustlers: Kalus, Orkestrated, Girl Audio, Joel Fletcher, Keesh, to name but a few.
The pimps and hoes will be hitting the decks, so get ya booty on, dress up and see ya on da dance floor!

Get ya cheek on! Get ya freak on! Get ya pimp on!

Future beats with Attitude!! Deep, Sexy, Driving, Dirty, Tough!
This will be an excursion to what is the ultimate pimpin’ experience.


Running times

  • Starts: 10:00 pm
  • and goes for 8 hours


  • Over 18's only


  • $20.00 - $30.00