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Softwar (Modular) EP Launch & Backyard Disco Launch Party

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Electonic, JumpClimb and Backyard Project present…

Backyard Disco

Disco. It’s back baby.

Nu, old and everything in between. Nobody needs bangers on a Sunday afternoon, unless you’re an “I get my shirt off at festivals” turbo. In which case, don’t come :)

The Backyard Project resident DJ’s will be there each week, plus special national/international guests. PLUS the entire afternoon every week will be streamed live to Backyard Project.

Launch party has the kids from Softwar (Modular) coming over from Sydney to launch their first EP.

Supporting Softwar are Backyard Project staples; Moments, Black Swan, Molochi and Wayne Fitzpatrick.

Starts 2pm. It’s free. And it’s disco. It’s the perfect way to just wind it down a notch on a Sunday. Cocktails, city views, and a BPM that sits somewhere between funky and asleep-on-a-hammock.



Running times

  • Starts: 2:00 pm
  • and goes for 6 hours


  • Over 18's only