Strange Fruit feat. Jonathan Lükerman, Dave Stuart & Nik Belshaw

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  • Abercrombie Hotel
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*Our Ethos:

*To deliver fresh and ripe for the picking …....a weekly event synonymous with the good, the renegade and the wickedly beautiful….....a lavish celebration of life, music and the individual. This is an environment where anything goes so you can take off your work collar and experience who else you might be. In the midst of a timeless now filled with music and laughter….with the sight of your friends, old and new, feeling the energy and the love…..you suddenly realize this is it, these are the priceless moments we all cherish so dearly. Like brilliant specks of gold dust through the hourglass so are our Saturday nights…..and in the spirit of what’s been said, we are inviting you to join us for FREE!



Running times

  • Starts: 9:00 pm


  • Over 18's only


  • Free