Paul Van Dyk

Paul Van Dyk

Paul Van Dyk

Born in Eisenhuettenstadt, East Germany, Paul grew up in communist East Berlin. In 1989, after the wall came down, club culture sprung up in Berlin and although techno music emerged, Paul was looking for a different sound. In the early 90s Paul started writing his own compositions including “Perfect Day”, produced with Cosmic Baby, shortly followed by his remix of Humate’s “Love Stimulation”. Over the next few years Paul remixed tracks of many renowned artists such as Inspiral Carpets, Sven Väth, Curve and New Order and released his second album, ‘Seven Ways’, which launched Paul into the Top 100. Readers of DJ Magazine voted Seven Ways as the Number 1 album of the year.

Before the club closed, Paul became an institution at Berlin’s ‘E-Werk’, regularly spinning with guests Nick Warren, BT, Dave Seaman and Sasha. In 1998 the remix of “For an Angel” hit number 1 in English and German dance charts, and charted well internationally. Paul became a resident at New York’s ‘Twilo’ and ‘Gatecrasher’ in Sheffield and in 1998 released ‘Vorsprung Dyk Technik’, the most exhaustive collection of Paul’s remixes to date. By the time Paul released ‘Out There & Back’ in 2000, Paul was regarded as one of the most influential German DJs and producers of all time. His first compilation mix CD ‘Politics of Dancing’ was released in 2001, followed by ‘Global’ in 2003, a CD/DVD which illustrates his own experiences travelling the world.

His own production, ‘Reflections’ followed, spawning the hit singles ‘Nothing But You’ and ‘Time Of Our Lives’. Today, Paul’s touring diary is incredibly hectic with regular globetrotting stops at major venues in London, Tel Aviv, Mexico, New York and Singapore.

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Paul van Dyk's Evolution in action

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We've talked quite a bit on these pages about Paul van Dyk's EVOLUTION stage show, and this video actually shows it in eye-popping action. Roll on Future Music Festival!
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