DJ and producer, Sasha is recognised as an innovative icon of electronic music. His forward-thinking albums and live sets have paved the way for the future of electronic music, blurring the boundaries between artist and DJ.

Sasha: Hero of Ibiza

Here's a little taste of UK legend Sasha in his element at Ushuaia in Ibiza. Expect some of this...
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Mickstah Mickstah said on Thu 12th Mar, 2015
"Ok wow, right off the bat this track is excellent!"
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beaumont_music beaumont_music said on Sat 31st Jan, 2015
"more articles like this please"
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juliefool juliefool said on Fri 31st Oct, 2014
"What an amazing man!! Industry tickets for the Sydney sh..."
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Plife_23 Plife_23 said on Sat 20th Sep, 2014
"I think everyone is aware of how bad is Chaser set was, i..."
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DHindahouse DHindahouse said on Mon 4th Nov, 2013
"No Juan Atkins? Fail."