DJ and producer, Sasha is recognised as an innovative icon of electronic music. His forward-thinking albums and live sets have paved the way for the future of electronic music, blurring the boundaries between artist and DJ.

Sasha - Involv3r54

Sasha - Involv3r

By Andrew Wowk 18th Mar, 2013

Involv3r is an amazing snapshot of the current dance music landscape through Sasha's unique lens.

Tracklist revealed for Sasha's Involv3r13

Tracklist revealed for Sasha's Involv3r

By Jack Tregoning 11th Feb, 2013

In March 2013, Sasha fans will finally get to wrap their ears around 'Involv3r', the third instalment in the DJ’s definitive series.

Sasha @ Chasers Nightclub, Melbourne (27/01/2013)4

Sasha @ Chasers Nightclub, Melbourne (27/01/2013)

By Kat Loughrey 4th Feb, 2013

Anyone seriously into dance music will have heard of Sasha. Expectations for a DJ of this caliber are always going to be high ...

Sasha: Hero of Ibiza

Here's a little taste of UK legend Sasha in his element at Ushuaia in Ibiza. Expect some of this...
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DHindahouse DHindahouse said on Mon 4th Nov, 2013
"No Juan Atkins? Fail."
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Loads Loads said on Mon 8th Jul, 2013
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Electric Feel Electric Feel said on Thu 11th Jul, 2013
"I would have thought "Watch Out For This" was going to be..."
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Chuppa-chup Chuppa-chup said on Mon 17th Jun, 2013
"You forgot about Krewella"
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JaydenTan JaydenTan said on Tue 4th Jun, 2013
"For anyone wondering whether this is list is a load of cr..."