Electric Daisy Carnival expands to London; line-up announced4

Electric Daisy Carnival expands to London; line-up announced

By Jack Tregoning 5th Apr, 2013

Parklife @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne (06/10/2012)2

Parklife @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne (06/10/2012)

By Ronan McDonnell 8th Oct, 2012

Melbourne's weather was even more temperamental than usual, but no amount of rain could put a dampener on this epic day.

Parklife @ Wellington Square, Perth (01/10/2012)

Parklife @ Wellington Square, Perth (01/10/2012)

By Andre Di Biase 4th Oct, 2012

As with every year, there was a tremendous amount of hype and anticipation leading up to the start of Parklife in 2012. So was the attention warranted?

Parklife @ Centennial Park, Sydney (30/09/2012)11

Parklife @ Centennial Park, Sydney (30/09/2012)

By Carla Figueroa Pavez 3rd Oct, 2012

This year saw a well-conceived lineup of urban sensibilities alongside indie and dub-pop kings, artists who all did their bit to please the highly diverse crowd.

Parklife @ Botanic Gardens, Brisbane (29/09/2012)3

Parklife @ Botanic Gardens, Brisbane (29/09/2012)

By Emily Chadwick 2nd Oct, 2012

Fuzzy brought the 2012 edition of Parklife back to Brisbane.

Parklife 2012 live preview5

Parklife 2012 live preview

By ITM HQ 26th Sep, 2012

With the Parklife tour kicking off this weekend, we decided to have a closer look at what to expect from the stars of the line-up.

Nero - Must Be The Feeling

Nero's unveiled the new video for the forthcoming single 'Must Be The Feeling', and it's a tiny...
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"Epic isnt really the right word..."
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duane duane said on Wed 4th Jun, 2014
"Get Tiesto out of that list, Prydz is deserving of the no..."
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Ben Royal Ben Royal said on Wed 4th Sep, 2013
"Why was it called Made in America if it featured foreigners?"
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"Does anybody have any info on sideshows? Can't find anyth..."