Mysteryland turns 20 with bumper 2013 line-up1

Mysteryland turns 20 with bumper 2013 line-up

By Jack Tregoning 23rd Apr, 2013

Behind the festival: IQON13

Behind the festival: IQON

By ITM HQ 25th Feb, 2013

We spoke to the Q-dance masterminds to find out more about IQON's 2013 debut.

Q-dance reveals IQON 2013 line-up210

Q-dance reveals IQON 2013 line-up

By Jack Tregoning 7th Jan, 2013

With Defqon.1 now firmly established as one of the most eagerly-anticipated dates on the Australian calendar, Q-dance has announced another outdoor festival that’s set to be just as big: IQON. Now the line-up is here.

inthemix goes to Mysteryland 20121

inthemix goes to Mysteryland 2012

By Angus Paterson 21st Sep, 2012

Mysteryland is an authentic Dutch cultural event, running for 12 action-packed hours in the rolling hills of the Voormalig Floriade.

Defqon.1 @ Sydney International Regatta Centre, Sydney (15/09/2012)1

Defqon.1 @ Sydney International Regatta Centre, Sydney (15/09/2012)

By Goran Naumoski 21st Sep, 2012

Q-dance emits record levels of energy in Sydney, for the fourth year running.

Headhunterz: From the heart42

Headhunterz: From the heart

By ITM HQ 15th Jun, 2012

In the lead-up to Defqon.1, inthemix caught up with the hardstyle young gun Headhunterz.

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DANCINGDI DANCINGDI said on Fri 13th Dec, 2013
"I think there are some Djs that are too good for the esse..."
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DTrancer DTrancer said on Fri 1st Nov, 2013
"^ tell me about it.. makes AVB's 'this is what it feels l..."
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trouble          hifire trouble hifire said on Wed 2nd Oct, 2013
"heaven forbid hard dances ever moves away from distorted ..."
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Brother Al Brother Al said on Thu 26th Sep, 2013
"Do the Chicken!"
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Chuppa-chup Chuppa-chup said on Mon 17th Jun, 2013
"You forgot about Krewella"
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